and this brings us to the point

Hi – Welcome to the Sartorial Butch!

I’m a 30-something professional butch (though if we’re going full disclosure mode, I’m equally faggy) who spends way too much time thinking about my clothes and my hair. I’m a danger to myself and my bank account when I walk into the men’s department at Macy’s, and I can never walk away from a good tie.

I aim to be of service to all those trying to dress the best that they can, find their own personal style, and still remain sharp, gentlemanly, and well-poised.  When I run into trouble I hope to be able to call on a vast array of other butch/like friends, and perhaps even some femmes who love us (especially when we look dashingly handsome) and who might have some insight of their own to share.

I look forward to writing about as many facets of butch style as I can think up or have thrown at me by the scores of fans I’m sure to shortly have.  On the short list are such mysterious topics as:  pants and shirts that fit, tie co-ordination, finding smaller masculine shoes, stretching your fashion dollar, adjusting your wardrobe during seasonal changes, and the little things a butch can do that show the world that they care about themselves and their appearance.

Hopefully I can use my knowledge and experience to address the fashion concerns of like-minded butches, butch-like people, masculinely-expressed people, and the people who love and dress us.


5 Responses to “and this brings us to the point”

  1. Please keep this up! I adore the intersection of butch, dandy, and Ms. Manners, and you have this lovely combination.

    I recommend & for further inspiration.

  2. Oh look, you published your first post on my BIRTHDAY!!! How cute is that?

  3. I’m new to dressing well in the masculine vein, having purchased my first tie a little over a year ago, the topics you outline are the ones I struggled with and still need information on. **pulling up a chair and preparing to catch up on your entries**

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