Damn boy, you smell gooooood

This post is clearly not going to be for people with nasal sensitivities, of which I know there are a lot of in our community. I’m sorry to be excluding you, and also writing about something that um, you know is offensive to you.  That said, I really, really like good cologne, or rather a butch who wears good cologne.  I’ve also found through extensive research that many femmes, and others who love butches, go weak in the knees when we wear a scent that “does something” for them.  As one of my closest femme friend says, “for me Aqua di Gio is liquid panty remover.”  Remember, scents are like pheromones, cologne smells different on different people, and what you may like on someone else may not work for you.  It may take a few experimentations to figure out what smells best on you, fortunately, you can always spray testers and try them out at a later time. Do not feel guilty about using the cologne counter this way!

I’ve found that the best colognes for butches are ones that smell (to me, anyway) clean and fresh. I’m not a big fan of musk like scents because, well, they smell really manly in a way that doesn’t speak to me, though it may to you. I guess I just associate the smell of musk with the smell of high school, and well, frankly, that’s not something I’d like to revisit.  I also am not a huge fan of things that are fruity as they tend to be somewhat perfume like and have a femininity about them that I’m not a huge fan of.  Spicy is a toss up, a mixed bag – some, like Christian Dior Fahrenheit has a really warm spicy scent which makes me instantly relax and want to be in front of a fire (making it pretty nice for the winter) but a different kind of spicy, like Paco Rabanne is once again too reminiscent of high school for me to ever consider as an adult.

I’ve worn a few different scents in my life, and I think it’s good to switch it up every so often, or for special events, and it’s good to keep in mind that as our body chemistry changes with age, cologne will smell different on you during different periods in our lives.

A nice, clean, non-musky smelling cologne is Lacoste Essential. Yep, it’s made by the alligator polo shirt people, and it smells awesome – on me. But it may on you too.  I’ve known lots of butches who enjoy Kenneth Cole Reaction,  and it is fairly appealing as well, though note,  it’s also fairly popular. Experiment around, and I’m sure you can find something you (and your s/o if applicable) really like that is somewhat unique.

Sometimes, the scent we pick has very little to do with us and our needs and wants, but the desires of others, especially those who we are intimate with.   I currently wear Love and Luck by Ed Hardy. I really like the way it smells on me but not so much so that I’m married to it forever. What makes me want to wear it more often than I do other scents is because my girlfriend (who wasn’t on the girlfriend radar then) was with me the first time I tried it on.  She was instantly blown away by how good she thought it smelled on me,  and ties her first really big attraction feelings for me to that moment. And for me, that’s a good enough reason as any to stick with a scent. Again, I’m all for wearing/smelling like something that is going to um, you know, produce some action.

Now, a couple of hints about how to keep yourself from being incredibly offensive by using too much cologne. I know that you’ve gone out and “smelled” someone from across the room – and not in a good way. You do not want to be this person. It is a good thing to smell nice. It’s a bad thing to bathe in cologne. I find that applying once in the morning – a spritz on one wrist, rub them together, a spritz on the back of the neck, and one “cloud effect” spray where you spray and walk through the mist.  That’s it! You don’t need more than this. I promise. If you’re going out later in the evening and haven’t changed, consider an extra mist spray/neck spray, but again, don’t over-do it.  Also remember that generally speaking, cologne tastes BAD. The more you use, the more it is going to be on your skin, the more likely it is to potentially end up on the lips of someone whom you’d rather not have their face shrivel up in pucker.

Also – try to (and again, this is something we’ll hit further in depth at another time) use a deodorant that doesn’t clash or smell too strongly on its own. Right now I use Axe Clix because it compliments my body ph, keeps me dry, and most importantly, has a light, clean scent. Speaking of Axe? I like their deodorant, at least the one I mentioned, and I like their hair product. I do NOT like their body sprays. Stay away from them, they do not smell of classy, dandy, hot butch, they smell of frat house.

I’m not a fan of really manly deodorants for the same reasons I’m not particularly fond of musky colognes, and I think they tend lead to an overbearing combination of scent, especially when mixed in with hair product and cologne.

One last thing? No amount of cologne is going to mask the fact that you smell bad. I shouldn’t even have to say this but you know, bathing is the first step in personal hygiene.  For me it is wayyyy up there with like, you know, liberal Q-tip use (yes, I disregard the packaging and use them in my ears. It feels too good to not do it.  If I was on a deserted island and could only have 5 things with me, a never ending supply of Q-tips would be one of those things), tooth brushing, and flossing. Not only does it not mask that you smell bad? It doesn’t mask that you’re not wearing clean clothes. Don’t douse clothes you want to stretch one more days wear out of in cologne. Just do the laundry.

The combination of your natural scent and a good smelling cologne can set you apart from the crowd, and also has the potential to knock the socks (and maybe, if you’re lucky, other articles of clothing) off of someone you might like to get to know a bit better. Following the “conflicting scents” rules will certainly keep them interested as they get….closer.

What scents do you wear, and why do you like it?


10 Responses to “Damn boy, you smell gooooood”

  1. I recently quit smoking (8 weeks ago yesterday!) and I realize that I can smell good again! I have been wearing Curve for men for the last 4 years, so I think it’s time to find a new smell– luckily the bottle is finally empty. I appreciate these suggestions–I just have to find someone to go with me to do some smell tests…

  2. I learned when i was a baby butch the magic that is an amazing cologne. I was pleasantly surprised at how my squeeze reacted. One thing you didn’t mention in this post is not to spray the cologne on clothing. Just on yourself. and nice point about how it tastes bad, which is a good reason not to put it on your neck, or only on the back. For me, cleaning up, putting on some cologne and steppng out is the classy side of my butch identity.

  3. When I first wandered into perfume-wearing, I found that love – LOVE – Preferred Stock. I know, it’s very Walgreen’s, but everyone’s chemistry is different and that’s what works with mine.

    Nowadays I wear my own perfume designs (it’s one of the things I do for a living) and I’ve been working out the proper sillage/smell distance formula: I operate on a theory of two feet (the closest someone should be to smell it) and 20 minutes (the maximum time it should linger in a room after you leave.)

    Since our bodies change, our chemistries change, so it’s rare to have one fragrance forever – which is fine with me. I love knowing what’s out there!

  4. BOYS! Stand at attention, for I have an announcement. Some of you might already be privy to this little gem online, but The Perfumed Court isn’t just for ladies, you can find sampler packs for Gents there as well.

    What does this mean? Why do you care? Because it means you can get a spattering of fancy, artisan scents at a low price, test them out on yourselves and see what the femmes think, and then commit to buying full bottles (or not, which is the true beauty of decants).

    Here’s a link – happy experimenting!


  5. I tend to lean towards Estee Lauder, Pleasures. It has a very subtle scent, not too over powering. Ive been wearing this one for the past few years and have yet to grow tired of it, or find anyone who has *not* been a fan 😉

  6. I absolutely love the way D & G original for men smells on me. I’m also partial to Kenneth Cole Black and Pi by Givenchy. I’m looking for something new though. Any suggestions?

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