Coveting will be a semi-regularly appearing topic basically showcasing what I want. And can’t afford to buy. Or won’t buy. Or just maybe some sugar daddy/femme is out there reading and wants to surprise a butch with pressies. I dunno. Anyway….

I have been coveting these John Fluevog wing tips for quite some time.


Did get a pretty nice bonus….bills…or shoes…….the temptation is SO strong on this one.

What are you coveting right now??

*EDIT* I am a sucker and my girl was at the Fluevog store and well, now they are on their way to me.  She managed to wrangle something for herself as well, you know, for going through the hassle, but I’ll talk about them in a future column about girly gifts that melt the heart.


6 Responses to “Coveting”

  1. I’m coveting a butch who wears Fluevog wing tips.

  2. Hey..I already own those shoes! Have you been peering into my closet??

  3. i want these boots:

  4. those wingtips are schweeeeeT!!!

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