Sartorial Fail #1

This was supposed to be a post about how bra shopping didn’t actually have to be a horrible no-good shopping event.

I was supposed to be telling you about my successful trip to buy some, how I was patient and took my time to select bras that were perfect. How buying what is probably the most dreaded item a butch can buy doesn’t have to be a terrible event.

And then I got there. And everything hanging on racks has padding and wires and things I don’t need. At all. Lacy and frilly and generally things I like to look at on others but definitely not myself.  And when I know I have to navigate it all to select some for myself they somehow fill me with terror.

So. Um. I went to the boxes, picked some in a size (its been a while since I bought bras and I thought I might have changed size) that I thought would fit. Ran into dressing room. Frustratingly tried two on. Didn’t work. Knew I was done. Grabbed some boxes in old size and got the heck out of there.

This took all of 7 minutes.

I hate bra shopping.

10 Responses to “Sartorial Fail #1”

  1. amen, friend. i don’t care if they cause uniboob, i wear sports bras almost exclusively now. i have one regular bra — cups, no underwires that i wear sometimes, and then i have a really old emergency black satin w/ underwire bra that i wear to the laundromat…i don’t know why i still own that…i hate the way it makes my body look, and i hate the way it looks on my body.

  2. I feel your pain! I am also in the sports bra camp. Recently I got a light binder from underworks
    I am still testing it. It doesn’t do more for me than a sports bra (I have a relatively small chest), but it is like an undershirt instead of a bra.

  3. Ugh. I hate it too. I was just talking to my girlfriend last night, actually, about how much I’ve always hated bras and bra shopping, since long, long before I came to think of myself as butch. Not even the meanest salesperson could make me feel as out of place in the men’s deprtment as I’ve always felt while shopping for women’s underwear.

    The only bra I’d tolerate at this point is the Frog Bra, which I highly recommend. It’s comfortable, and much more flattening and masculine than the average sports bra.

    Really, though, I wear binders, which I recommend even more highly.

  4. Clearly, this is something that seems to resonate for butches. And I know a LOT who really don’t have a great connection or relationship with their breasts so I can empathize with that discomfort, however, I quite like mine and STILL hate this. I wish I could better figure out why this is.

    • Wellll

      I like my breasts, too — I like having them, like how they feel, fully identify with them as part of my body, etc. Bras, though, are designed to make breasts (and the entire torso, really) look as feminine as possible, both in terms of how they look (lacy, etc) and how they present one’s chest. Bras are not at all just neutral, breast-holding devices — they’re highly culturally marked garments that actively gender the body. (Sports bras are the usual exception, of course, since most of the time they truly are just breast-holders.)

      I mean, like having legs, too, but that doesn’t mean I’d like them in a skirt.

  5. I tend to go with these, for the support and the flattening effect and you can purchase online, I like my breasts when in bed with my partner; outside I’d rather they not be accentuated.

  6. Continuing my part of the Saga – I kinda have a small chest. I also am broad shouldered. NONE of these companies seem to have a cup size small enough for me. Which is doubly sad because I think I’d like them.

  7. A friend of mine and I went to Orchard Street Corset down on the LES the last time we needed bras. They felt us up, gave us something plain, and sent us on our way in no time — it was weird, but it was weird in that good New Yorky way. I wore those bras until they all wore out.

    Flip side, though: I have a terrible time finding sports bras for everyday use in NYC because I am a big kid and they do not come in my band size. I had to wait until I was in Missouri and go to Wal-Mart to buy plain everyday sports bras. I don’t bind, or really care about that; I just need something that gives me a nice line. I don’t like Wal-Mart in that annoying I-live-in-a-big-city-on-the-coast way, but I have to say, for large sizes they are awesome.

    This blog? Also awesome.

  8. I LOVE BREASTS. They deserve to be properly outfitted. Unfortunately, bras are nearly always ill-fitting, even for breast-flaunting feminine ladies. 😉

  9. FeistyAmazon Says:

    I dont’ wear bras. Only when applying for a new job, or a very, very formal event. Other than that, 90% of the time no. They’re sports bras in a large size. I don’t even know if they make sports bras in my size anymore. Or any bras for that matter. It’s sometimes very embarrassing to be a large breasted Butch, and especially where bras are concerned. I just like ’em au naturel.

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