Sartorial Saturday

Just a few thoughts that I’ve got rattling around in my brain today:

-I LOVE pink. Really love pink shirts. I just got this gorgeous Hugo Boss blue/silver striped tie that looks SO good with a pink shirt.

-I also love sweater vests.  I’m planning sartorial video #2 and I need to come clean about the fact that most times I don’t care how the bottom half of the tie looks because I so very, very often wear a sweater or sweater vest with shirts and ties and it doesn’t matter.

-I am planning the gayest outfit co-ordination for me and sartorial dog. Yes, I’m that nuts.  But I think it will be awesome.

-I’m working on a few posts in my head – things to come: a well stocked butch bar, glassware for said bar, awesome drinks, and things you can make to impress company even if you can’t cook.

-I’m almost sad it took me 30 something years to buy a standard shift car but now that I have one it makes me feel more butch when I drive. Can’t explain it, it just does. The super fast turbocharger helps also. At least I know that just because I like sports cars doesn’t mean that I have a small….

-There is nothing like cooking for the people you love that shows them how much you care for them.  Tonight I am planning a huge fiesta with salsa and guac and steak fajitas. Mmmmm.  Also? Being a decent cook can help you…….you know.

-I am a sneaker whore. Really. Shoes in general actually. Some day I’ll post some of the collection. What’s good about this is that they never wear out. Well. Not true. I tend to wear favorites often and then wear the others occasionally.

-I’m kind of scatterd and all over the place today, but also wondering what kinds of things you might like me to write about!!!


3 Responses to “Sartorial Saturday”

  1. Women-who-fuck-women driving stick shift cars is outrageously HOT. A dying art, really.

    I love dogs in costume! Did I tell you that I have crafted my own pair of striped pink mittens out of the same fabric that I made my little doggie coat?? Yes, yes, my poodle Rosie & I also match. That’s how GAY *I* am. Heeheehee! I think I might be just as faggoty as you are! 😉

  2. I love sweater vests too — I got my first one not too long ago and now I want to wear it every time I go out. I’m on the market for another one…

    Looking forward to the bar posts! Cocktails are a hobby of mine. Our guests are always really impressed that we have actual glassware, ha.

    I love this blog.

  3. omg the CAR! How hot is it to get a femme in your recently detailed, turbo charged, manual transmission road baby? She swoons, I zoom! Awesome! PLZ write about the stick shift! It is a dying art, really!

    I think it might also be worthwhile to comment on what every good butch should have in the trunk of their ride (jumper cables, first aid kit, car jack, etc) in order to be ready for any situation.

    You give me good ideas. Thanks dude 🙂 I heart this blog.

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