Sartorial Slack

Sorry for the delay, the triptophan has entered my system and taken over the part of my brain responsible for creativity. Once this wears off expect the following:

Holiday gift giving guide (Cuz Hanukkah is coming up fast!!)

Full Windsor Knot video

Dress to impress this holiday season


Making the perfect pot of coffee


So. Thanks for checking in and we will be back to our more regular schedule very very soon!


One Response to “Sartorial Slack”

  1. All of those sound great! I’ve been meaning to add the full windsor to my repertoire for awhile, so I’m especially looking forward to the video. As a rule I’m a schoolboy or half windsor butch — the full windsor is so often too full, and IMO that looks like nothing so much as over-compensating — but sometimes the tie & collar demand it.

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