At least it isn’t 90210

You should know that I’m not always fresh pressed and ready to go – I have a huge thing for sneakers. I usually wear pretty slick dress shoes to work and “fancy” out, but for a night at the bar or out with friends I’m mostly into jeans, a sweater or just a button down, and some fresh kicks.

I spent the Thanksgiving holiday at the home base of my family, – which happens to be in New Jersey – home to some of the best malls around. Yes, I LOVE mall walking, especially if it’s a great mall. Unfortunately, where I live the mall is…..I wouldn’t say rinky dink, but it certainly isn’t stellar and is lacking some stores that have large mens’ departments. My FAVORITE store is Nordstrom. And even though I found their bow-tie section to be lacking this trip, they more than make up for it with the amount of shirts and ties and and and and….everything.

I found these at Nordstrom over the holiday.

So, even though my friend pointed out that there is something very Zach Taylor about them, they are totally me, and I’ve decided that I’m going to rock these Puma’s.


3 Responses to “At least it isn’t 90210”

  1. Love the shoes! Hey, I was in Jersey on Saturday. 😉 But I did my shopping in upstate NY.

    I just wish wordpress had photo sharing so I could send you pictures of my Black Friday treasures too and we could be SUPER GAY!!! It would be like an online fashion show! How FUN would that be?? Way fun. Obviously.

  2. oh my, now what color shirt to go with those….do tell??

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