Gifts for…..

I don’t want to be so exclusive here that I proclaim this gift giving guide for butches only – there’s lots of non-butch identifying people who would probably love a lot or at least some of what’s on this list.  I’m going to go with lots of pictures, but not necessarily sources because hey, you’re original and I know that a little crafty internet searching will yield some pretty amazing results as to where to look for stuff.

Unless you know the person you are giving a gift to really well, I’d stay away from clothes. Shirts, ties, etc – if your wrong on sizing or style, it’s hard to negate the “return” trip to the store. As for gift cards? As a last resort please, unless you know that’s what they really really want or need. I like getting them sometimes, but only as gifts from peripheral people, the ones who don’t know me well enough to actually dig deep and figure out what it is that I really want.

I’ve talked about some of these items before, and yeah, my girlfriend will likely have an easy time of things, but these are in line with items that I’d really love to see under my menorah.

I LOVE collar stays. Love love love. Because I am kind of forgetful about things and these can likely take a beating through the dryer and not bend or melt all over the place. They definitely make a shirt pop a little bit more and keep the corners of the collar from curling up. I wouldn’t mind engraved ones, either….

Also along the lines of “tie accessories,” I’m really kind of into the following as well. Tie bars and collar pins. Ok, I’m actually not into tie bars as much because they aren’t centered and I have this thing for symmetry, and tie pins tend to mess up ties so I stay away from them, so i do the tuck in the label thing and hope for best. But for collars that do NOT have buttons or slots for collar stays they are really neat – basically a long pin that goes from one collar edge, under your tie, to the other. Neat.

Other clothing accessories that would be appreciated?  How about watches, cuff links (if they have French cuff shirts,) and belt buckles. There are some really amazing and cool belt buckles to be found out there,  and can really take a well put together outfit to another plane of awesomeness. Stay away from buckles that light up, open beer, etc unless you know that she’ll really like that. I tend to favor giving gifts that will be loved and used more than once.

I’m also considering trying out bracers/suspenders  and seeing if that’s a look I can rock. I like how they look, and think they might be an excellent accompaniment to my work wardrobe.

If you’re intimate with the butch you’re buying for, a cool pair of grown up “Underoos” from Ginch Gonch will be totally loved, though stay away from utilitarian underclothes like undershirts and socks – that’s what parents are for.

Tool boxes: for tools or…other stuff. Very cool, and I tend to favor the big, red, clunky metal kinds that you can easily find at your local hardware store. Speaking of local stores – buy local! When you do that more money is pumped into your local economy than if you purchase your goods at big box stores. As much as I LOVE the mall, I try not to buy stuff there unless I can’t find what I’m looking for locally.

Also? Butches (not all, but pretty much every one I’ve met) love technology. iPods, Iphones, Blu-Ray, big screen, Wii, and computers are all big ticket items and costly, but if you’re looking to give that kind of a gift? Go for it.  Butches also  (ok, maybe just me) like sporting goods. Even if we don’t play the sports all that much, we love ’em. So if your girl needs a new baseball glove, or cleats, or lacrosse stick (even though she doesn’t play but wants one,) or boxing gloves…well, that could be a great idea.

Is your butch a foodie? How bout a gift certificate to a local swanky restaurant that she’s mentioned that she’d like to try? Or maybe one that is already a favorite but not often visited? More of a cook? Take a look at her knives. I tend to favor German knives, my pick being Henkels, though Wusthoffs are great too. Critics call them heavy but I love the way that they feel in my hand and on the cutting board.  There are also some Japanese knives, like those made by Global that are lighter and very good quality – though sometimes the angle of the blade is different than the German knives and that’s something to be considered.  Gist is, if she loves to cook but only has a $10 supermarket chef’s knife, then ANYTHING is going to be an improvement.

If knives are already taken care of then see what’s missing in her kitchen! I’m a HUGE fan of French-press coffee and totally offer that up as a really nice gift giving idea, perhaps along with a grinder and some beans and…..see how easy this is?

Speaking of hand made gift certificates? You can NEVER go wrong with these, or any kind of home-made gift. I enjoy sewing and last year I made all of the people I love PJ bottoms made of fabric that I thought they would best like. These were a HUGE hit and I know I get thought of every time they are worn, and usually that provokes my friends and family to give me a phone call to tell me that they are wearing them RIGHT NOW and that they love me. This is an awesome side-effect of home made gift giving and I highly recommend it.

Last night I received a lovely bottle of scotch as a gift, which not only warms my stomach but my heart too. If your butch likes scotch, or wine, or some other type of liquor but wouldn’t normally buy it for herself, then this can be a nice gift idea. I don’t recommend wrapping up a six-pack, but who am I to judge, and if that’s what will be liked, then go for it!  Also, bar-ware, cocktail shakers, personalized napkins – all good ideas for someone who likes to keep a well stocked bar.

With the many ideas and starting points that I’ve given you here, and the nearly infinite array of home-made gifts that you can think up, it should be pretty easy to shop for the butches in your life this holiday season, whether you have unlimited budget or no budget at all.

What are some other gifts you’d like to open up this holiday season?


11 Responses to “Gifts for…..”

  1. ha! the underros are cracking me up!
    (just realized that I totally didn’t have this site on my effing reader. and I was totally missing YOU!)

  2. Ooh, I want all of those gifts–except the knives– I don’t really need any, and I’ll second the love of the Henckels– i have a parer of theirs that is my favorite knife ever in the whole world. I also had Henckels steak knives that were fantastic (I gave them up to my ex in a split).

    This is the first hoilday season in many many years that I have been totally incredibly single, and my parents and I are not big gift exchangers– I get a planet ticket home and they get to drag me around to every holiday going on they can dream up.

    A couple of years ago I got my dad clippers (for his hair– he buzzes it) and my mom got him the little beard trimmer deal. I don’t own my own clippers anymore, but I did buy myself a beard trimmer– I use it to trim body hair, and it has attachments for nose hair, etc…it’s just nice to have around. Sometimes when I’m dressing up, I’ll shave my face–there’s just something about a nice, clean shaven face that feels sexy to me. Trimmers and clippers make a nice gift.

    I got a fantastic watch for my birthday about 5 years ago that I still wear. Watches make a good gift if you know a person’s taste.

  3. A dresser-top valet is a nice option for someone whose taste you haven’t yet pinned down, but who wears/carries the sorts of accessories you mention; a seated valet is even better, but tends to be on the spendy side.

    For new dating situations especially, I also think concert or event tickets are great, especially if they’re for something the other person really likes that you either aren’t really familiar with or tolerate because they love it. One of my favorite pieces of wall art is my framed autographed Phantom of the Opera poster and ticket stubs from my first ever Broadway show, the tickets to which were a Christmas gift.

  4. p.s. I hate not being able to edit comments. I should just not read them after I submit so my mistakes don’t bug the crap outta me.

  5. These are like $2, but I think automobile dashboard friction pads are really cool. And everyone who has a car can use one of those!

    Wait. SB, you SEW?? Like on a sewing machine? God, I am soooo in love with you! And if you can make pajama bottoms, you can SOOO make a dog coat! Come on now. I’m sewing mittens for the lovely ladies in my life–they’re gender neutral. PS. this is for you:

  6. Your header pic could use a collar stay. 😉

    Sorry. Just sayin’.

    I do the braces thing. It’s totally hot. Very fond of my leather braided ones (black and brown).

    I have mostly stopped wearing ties, but I still do on occassion. The new thing is skinny ties on plaid shirts. Skinny ties seem to be notorious for floating all over the place, making a tie clip pretty much mandatory. I couldn’t locate one so I use my money clip instead. I hate the tie pins because you just pierce the fabric, really effing it up.

    Love the blog, cousin. Keep up the good work.

  7. sock garters.

    hot hot hot.

  8. I’ve also been considering incorporating some bracers/suspenders into my wardrobe as well. The basic shirt is tie will always be a classic style, fall back plan, however its always nice to switch it up every once in a while.

  9. braces/suspenders …thud. femme down! femme down!

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