And the angels wanna wear my red shoes

I’m going to double dip here for a second, kids, because well, things have been crazy crazy in SB land. Some major (but really happy) personal upheaval has taken over my normal stream of consciousness, but I do want to get you your SB fix, so…

I got a lovely email from a newly ‘out’ butch regarding shoes, and wondering if mens shoes are the way to go, and if so, how to choose?

Anyway, here is my response, with a couple of addendum’s,  and hopefully it can help you:

I’m a women’s 7.5/8 and I wear a men’s 5.5/6.  Now, it’s REALLY hard to find a pair of cool men’s shoes in sizes that small, but what I find helps a LOT is because you can sort out shoes by style, size, etc.  I just wear the regular width that the mens shoes come in, but what I like about zappos is they have free shipping AND return shipping.  I also like stores like DSW where I can try on a lot of shoes in the mens dept.

Personally, I like Kenneth Cole Reaction mens’ shoes, and these are similar to what I wear practically every day as my work shoes.

They are incredibly comfortable, and a bit big on me, but since I started wearing mens shoes, I’ve gotten accustomed to my feet having a lot of room to breathe in footwear – actually they kind of feel cramped in shoes that “fit.”

I also have a pair of brown Sketcher loafers that look similarly to these, and they are fairly great too.

Also, some butches with small feet do really well in the boys department, and SOMETIMES I score there but  the shoes are usually quite narrow, and cramped in the toe box, and also, the styling of boys shoes isn’t usually quite as slick as mens shoes.

Additionally, I generally don’t ever wear women’s shoes, at least not “dress” or work shoes. Sneakers are another story, and while for casual wear I love unisex casual shoes, for working out and sports, I bite the bullet and pick out the best looking pair of women’s kicks I can find.

Fluevogs, Doc Martens, footwear of that nature is usually unisex and generally looks great on butches!

I have these 10 eye oxbloods and absolutely LOVE them. I got them a few years back and didn’t wear them much but have started to more often these days – they look great with jeans and have broken in so very nicely. I also have a pair of black 8 eyes that I’ve had for well over a decade that are just like second skin shoes to me. They always look good!

What kind of shoes do you rock?


5 Responses to “And the angels wanna wear my red shoes”

  1. I have small feet (women’s 6.5/7), i.e., men’s shoes basically don’t exist in my size, so I pretty much stick to boots… I got a new pair just yesterday — very exciting.

  2. I’m really happy w/ my new Justin cowboy boots. They’re a little bit feminine, but I’m digging the way I swagger when I wear them. 🙂

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