Always looking for an excuse to shop

My new favorite mens accessory website is The Tie Bar. I ordered a few bow ties and a few neck ties last week, and they arrived today! I’m impressed with the quality and price of their ties, and also, their selection is HUGE!  They not only have ties but cufflinks, tie bars, etc, and overall – well, I’m just really impressed.

Yep. Skulls and crossbones. I’m so going to rock that!!!

Have you found any new online retailers that are the awesome?


7 Responses to “Always looking for an excuse to shop”

  1. Please post a picture of you rocking the skull & crossbones tie– I LOVE IT. Wait, black shirt? Or maybe gray…? Oh hell, you could rock that with pink and it’d be fabulous! Flamboyant too.

  2. GREAT SITE. $15.00 is a steal. I think I’m going to order this one with matching pocket square.

  3. Love this place too. But 2 tie bar ties and 1 bowtie last week (read about them in GQ). Awesome ties. Great price. Phenomenal find.

  4. Very cool site, thanks for sharing…What are your thoughts on the skinny v. traditional??

  5. i am a frequent shopper at this site:
    it’s in the UK so shipping suck and prices are a pain, but the oversized knit hat was totally worth it

  6. Those ties are all great– I’m definitely going to order a few things from that site.

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