On manscaping…

I’ve written before about some issues around personal grooming, hair and nail care, etc., as this is perhaps the most important detail about being a dashing butch specimen.  Honestly, daily showering is step one in this quest, however if you’ve been reading this blog for a bit you (a) already knew that and (b) probably already do that.

Body hair is one of those huge issues that seem to be a subject of big interest for a big portion of society – where it is, where it isn’t, where it shouldn’t be, and where you may wish it was. These plague butches as well, and as it’s a pretty subjective and personal thing, I’m just going to talk about me and what I like, etc.

Let us start with leg hair. Most masculinely expressed people that I know personally tend to not do anything about this. I waver on my own leg hair  – honestly, I usually shave from the knee down because I’m narcissistic and um, when I work out and lift weights I like to see the muscles at work in the mirror. When I let my leg hair grow, it is dark and thick and I can’t see the work I’m doing that well. I tend to be lazier about this in the winter.

When I do shave my legs (or anywhere, actually) I make sure that I use a low or non-scented soap (like Ivory) that lathers really, really well, or plain old Barbasol shaving cream – which mostly just reminds me of my dad, but also smells pretty good too. Making sure there is as little friction as possible between your skin and the blades of the razor is key to a smooth shave that will leave you with few undesirable after effects.

As for razors, my go-to is a Gillette Fusion 5 blade razor. I think that out of all commercially available razors these are the most dependable, and I like that they are a little heavy in my hand as I feel that it gives me more control over the blade (which comes in handy for if you’re playing with others, too). If you’re fancyschmancy, you can pick up an old school straight razor/safety razor kit, which honestly is the hotness, but for me, a little cumbersome for daily use. Admittedly, they’re a pretty damn cool accessory to have in your bathroom.

On to generally dealt with body hair location #2 – underarms.  Typically, I don’t shave mine. I know that in the straight world (in the US anyway,) this would elicit an “eww gross” comment, but that isn’t always the case in Queerland.  Mostly, I don’t shave my underarms because it’s a pain in the ass to remember, and I get itchy and red bumps that happen afterwards.  Plus I think it looks kind of hot, which is always an added bonus for me.  I will admit that sometimes in the summer I trim it down some with my special “body hair” buzz razor, because even though I don’t smell particularly bad, I tend to sweat a lot and I find that trimming gets more deodorant on skin and helps me out in the warmer months.

Eyebrows are another area in which some manscaping can occur. I tend to think that if they grow together, you might want to consider doing something to keep them separate, but you know, if that’s the way you like it, rock on. I am fairly blessed with nicely shaped brows and do very, very little to keep them under control outside of the occasional tweeze, and always trying to get that one, thick, white hair that grows wildly from the side of my right brow but that’s just me and I’m sure you’ve got your own stray hair issue or two as well.

Perhaps the most subjective and talked about body hair region is the one below the belt but above the knees. While I appreciate HOWEVER my partners choose to (or not) maintain their bathing suit areas, I find that the short trim works best for me – again, I’ve got a separate buzzer for this purpose.  I find that maintaining the short look doesn’t take much effort at all (for me) and tends to make other….activities that I participate in easier and more comfortable to manage.  As with all personal grooming topics, good hygiene trumps pretty much anything, so you know, just being clean does a bunch for your personal style.

As bodies come in all shapes and sizes, body hair comes in all different places. I know many a butch who likes to engage in facial shaving – mostly for a smooth face, and the act itself can be empowering and well, hot.  I also know folks who just let it grow where it do – and that’s awesome too!

I think that the most important thing you can do, whether you shave anything or abstain, is good skin care. I moisturize my skin whenever I can remember to, but try to do so at least once daily. My lotion choice is Johnson & Johnson baby lotion. I find it to be non-greasy, quick absorbing, and  well – and due to my tendency to have fresh ink on my flesh more often than the average bear, I tend to have tubes of this stuff lying around the house, car, girlfriends house, and office.  Keeping your skin moisturized keeps it soft, less prone to bumps/rashes/itch after shaving, and most importantly makes others like to touch you – which may be the best reason of all.

What are your thoughts on manscaping?


7 Responses to “On manscaping…”

  1. Manscaping are the creators of shaving gear. What may surprise, however, is how candid the “manscaping” pitches are. In may, gillette started a series of videos online suggesting that men go further with body shaving. Chest? “a sweater should be bought not grown. Armpits? “an empty stable smells better than a full one. And their coup de grâce is the groin: “trees look taller when there’s no underbrush. A muscular cartoon with pixeled privates even shows how to get bare without putting “your equipment at risk. On the site for nivea for men, jislain duval, a canadian model, demonstrates its active3 shower gel by shaving starlike patterns around his nipples. As he gazes at his private parts, the camera stays waist-up; yet, the scene doesn’t leave much to the imagination. A comely blonde turns feral at the sight of a cleanshaven chest in a video ad for braun’s bodycruzer, a precision trimmer with a gillette blade.

  2. i would totally let the leg hair go if it wasnt so patchy…i feel my butch points dropping with every leg shave i do ugg

  3. I have the patchy “pants rub it off” leg hair that doesn’t bother me in the winter, but in the summer, it bugs me, so I trim but don’t shave the legs.

    I generally keep everything trim. My barber trims my eyebrows for me, and I do shave my face on occasion because i like the masculine look of a freshly smooth face. My face is sort of round and soft looking, so every added point for confidence makes me feel hotter.

    Great post. I totally want an old school shaving kit.

  4. Totally distracting myself from work with blogs today. I have a butchish Gf that chooses to go au naturale below the belt and above the knees. I am not picky about grooming style, but she has super thick LONG hair down there. It has created some less than favorable moments. I figured maybe she would take some initiative and at least trim. No such luck. Is it ok to request a trim? If so, any thoughts on how to approach this?

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