Girls make passes at butches in glasses

I’m blind as a bat.  Seriously.  Without correction I can see approximately 2 inches in front of my face and beyond that everything becomes blurry. I don’t think it is a coincidence that all of the people I have ever had long term relationships with have had 20/20 vision.  I NEED my partners to be able to find my glasses for me when I lose them, or they get knocked off my bedside table, or even just left on a counter somewhere.  Nothing induces a major panic in me like not knowing or being able to find my glasses!

Additionally, I have this thing where I HATE anything coming towards my eye. Touching my eyes? Big no-no. Even when I’d like to be goth-emo I can’t do the eye-liner thing.  This is actually very  sad for someone who wanted to be Robert Smith in high school, but I digress. In anycase, contact lenses have never been an option for me.

So glasses it is. And I LOVE glasses. They are one of the easiest ways to express your personal style! I’ve found that a more square lens works best with my face, though my back up pair is usually the Buddy Holly black frame look.  Right now I have some brushed steel/blueish/purpleish metal frames –but I’ve had these for a while so I’m kind of shopping around for a new pair of frames – plus it’s about time for me to get my eyes checked out.  So far I’ve done a fair bit of poking around at and seen some really cool ones (Calvin Klein makes a really cool line) but I’m also interested in what other visually impaired butches are rockin’!

So, consider this an interactive challenge – Post a pic of you in your favorite frames (ok, or just the frames) in the comments!  What do you look for when you’re shopping for eyewear?


22 Responses to “Girls make passes at butches in glasses”

  1. Blind as a bat here as well. I’ve worn glasses since the 3rd grade, and I’ve liked it the whole time — everyone in my family wears glasses so getting my first pair as a kid was almost a right of passage. I’m really squeamish about my eyes, too, but I think I’d wear glasses even if I weren’t.

    It’s interesting you mention lovers who with 20/20 sight… While many, maybe most, of my friends have glasses, my girlfriend has perfect vision.

    Anyway, I got these glasses when I need a new prescription a few months back, and I love them. My favorite pair so far.


  2. Hmm, html fail, don’t know why. You can see the picture here.

  3. My eye exam is next week and I’ve begun “the search” for the perfect frames. I’m on this quest every year and I always start off saying/thinking/wanting something different. Even though I love the lightness and the minimal sight obstruction my frame-less wires provide me, I’ve been wearing the same style forever. I’ve stumbled on some sharp looking RayBans almost to the point of excitement. I’m afraid once something different is put on my face though, I’m not going to like the change. We will see. Next week.

    Good luck with your search.

  4. ZOMG, I am so blind it’s not even funny. I forced my mother to let me get contacts in the 9th grade and LOATHE wearing glasses. I feel an increased sense of powerlessness and vulnerability, even IF they are Valentino and ultra-chic.

    The tomboy’s glasses are weird and I will have to return to share the brand name with you.

    In the meantime, I love this photo of her in glasses (the top left photo in this collage thing):

    PS. So glad to have found your blog through a fellow butch! (Wait, can I say that if I’m femme? I mean…you know what I mean.)

  5. I don’t wear glasses, but I had to say you are looking great!

  6. I for one loooove a butch in specs; I’m so looking forward to helping my gf choose her next frames. And as a femme, I think of glasses as just another accessory. Having a pair I love means I’ll actually wear them when I need to. My only problem with my current pair is that they don’t match my red sox gear, so I’m a bit less fashionable at games than I’d generally be.
    Also, rx sunglasses have proven to be the best investment ever. The frames are sexy (Coach Taryns in plum, I think) and I can actually *see* while driving or trying to find my muni stop. Tis a beautiful thing.

  7. Well, I’ve worn glasses since 5th grade, and I love love love glasses. The Glassy Eyes blog has really opened up my universe because now I order glasses online and I am kind of amassing a collection. Zenni is slow but my favorite because the glasses are so inexpensive. I already broke one pair (my own fault) but luckily I had back ups.

    These are my daily glasses. Very inexpensive from Zenni, and they go with just about everything I own.

    These are the glasses I wore for 3 years– I still love them, and I’m glad I had my updated prescription put in, but I rarely wear them.

    These next two pair I bought online and honestly, I’m not in love with either of them….I wear this pair from time to time, but they’re almost too trendy for me.

    And these looked squarer on the website, so I rarely wear them.

    When I’m looking for frames, I tend to gravitate toward anything that is considered men’s classic. I have a significant amount of body jewelry and tattoos, but my clothes are almost entirely preppy (it’s only about 1/2 irony) and I like frames that complement my pink cable knit sweater vest. 😀

  8. i don’t know how to enable photos in comments. i looked around in dashboard and couldn’t find anything… 😦

    also, thank you. now if i could get *available* hotties to think i’m adorable… 😀

  9. Today my friend Damien and I were talking about glasses on butches and how it is a total panty dropper. My favorite butch lenses are something dapper dandy with a little bit of flare.

    I shared this with Bee Listy, who shared this post with me! I LOVE glasses on fashionable queers of all persuasions. I think you can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned trip to the glasses store. There is something real about taking a couple of friends and trying like 88 pair on until something works right. I know a lot of people who haven’t had good luck with the online stores (in terms of the finished product looking right on the face).

    I like Fabulous Fannie’s in the Lower East Side. A vintage eyeglasses shop, they also have modern frames pimped out with rhinestones. A MUST visit for anyone coming to NYC who wears glasses. Also not particularly pricey for what they offer, probably $100 or so per frame. I did a lot of research and found a great (cheap) place in Chinatown for lenses.

    I wear contacts when I go out, but can’t do work or reading on the computer without glasses. Since I, too, am blind without glasses, I prefer them to be fancy and work well with my aesthetic.

    • Hi Bevin – Thanks for stopping by!!! Always always always love it when femmes take a second to chime in.

      I’m going to try to convince my girl and my most fashion awesome femme friend to come with me at the same time to try on a bazillion pairs and see what works out. I’m sure I can convince them pretty easily – or at least bribe them with drinks or a mani-pedi date or….the possibilities are endless but I think I can get them to help out!

  10. Sorry, but you can’t upload photos to WordPress blog comments. You must leave links. For more information, read this:

  11. How could I miss this post?? I LOVE LESBIANS IN GLASSES! Yum!

    Honey, I’ve been correcting the old vision since 5th grade! You know what INFURIATES me, though?? That insurance companies generally do NOT cover glasses in FULL. Let’s be serious, ok? If I did not have proper corrective eye wear, I couldn’t drive and I couldn’t read for more than a few minutes at a time without chronic head pain. I also couldn’t do computer work, which obviously means that I couldn’t hold down a J-O-B: it is a potentially DISABLING medical condition. Yet, most people–even with insurance–have to shell out at least $100 for a (really dorky) pair of frames every couple of years or so. Ok, end socio-political rant. Let’s talk style!

    I enjoy both fashion frames and more traditional nerd frames. Before I went to law school I got some tortoise shell frames to make me look extra-retro-intellectual! A few years later when I finally recovered from grad-school-poverty I moved on to these black frames with green insides (love the flair of a contrasting color!!). And now I rock a slightly chunkier brown frame most of the time…unless, of course the outfit is better suited to skinny black– ooh, what a THRILL to have TWO pair to choose from! Oh yeah, I’m living The Good Life now! Eventually, I’d like something even chunkier, but it always seems to overwhelm my little face…sigh! I’d also like to get some frames with some rhinestone bling, but I absolutely REFUSE to put a corporate logo or company name on my FACE (of all places!)– what’s UP with that?!? Oh wait, not getting political…very difficult for me, you know.

    And finally, I TOTALLY FREAK OUT when I can’t find my glasses! PANIC at the disco! Partner, partner, HEEEEEELLLLLP!! One night I was soooo drunk (not proud, ok? it was after a great wedding with an open bar!) that I cried over not having my BROWN glasses because allegedly they made me feel “safe” & all my partner could find were the black glasses. Now we laugh about my glasses-related-emotional-insecurity. Hey, it happens. And having someone to help you out when you can’t see is an important partner-choosing consideration! 20/20 girls get extra points from me. 😉

  12. oh yes, dating someone who can see (to find my glasses) is brilliant – except that her favorite game is holding my glasses hostage and asking me “so, can you read *that*?” “what’s that over there?” “what’s it look like?”

    anyhow, i *love* my glasses. they’re red and squarish and metal. but most importantly, they’re kid glasses! apparently i have an abnormally small head – only i really don’t think i do, so maybe this will help some other folks out – so i’ve spent most of my bespectacled life in glasses that were overwhelming and stuck out past my face funnily. my kids’ glasses are cute and proportionate! the springy hinges make it so they don’t squeeze your head, or bend out of shape. they are also a lot cheaper than adult glasses, i think under the assumption they’ll be outgrown or destroyed quickly – but i’ve had them for 3 years now with no problems. (plus, they’re converses!)

  13. what i’ve started to do is buy frames on ebay, vintage and new, SO cheap. especially when you get the knack of sizing. Vintage is especially good. I picked up some Ex-military issue frames for about $10 and got my own prescription put in. awesome. Pic below

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