Keeping you in stitches

One of the biggest issues for me when shopping in the mens department is that pants are notoriously too long for my short little legs. Most of the time 30 length pants are just one inch too long for me (except in Gap Khaki’s, their 30’s are PERFECT) and so they need to be hemmed.  It’s relatively easy to hem your own pants, even if you aren’t a born sewer – this is something that can be easily learned, and you don’t need much in the way of supplies – and to save anywhere from $10-$15 dollars a pair – well, money talks and this is something you can certainly do yourself.

You’ll need scissors, an iron, pins, and a needle and thread. Yes, I have a sewing machine which makes the process move faster than the speed of light but this is not a really long process and so you don’t need to go out and purchase major hardware unless you think sewing is something you’re going to get really in to.  If you’re usually only an inch or so shy, then a seam ripper might be something to invest in as well – they’re only a buck or two at a sewing store.

This is my method – it may not be what Martha Stewart would do, but it works well for me.

Step one – Remove old seam. Use the seam ripper to get rid of the old hem stitching. I don’t usually need to do this because I have SO much fabric to get rid of so I proceed straight to step two. Iron the pants flat.

Step two –  I put the pants on, inside out.  I want them to hang on me the way that they are going to fall when really wearing them so I walk around for a few minutes to get the “hang” right on the pants. I then fold the pants up at the appropriate hem line, and use 4 or 5 pins to hold the hem in place.  I usually use a ruler to make sure that I’ve pinned the pants evenly, and this is a good time to adjust to make sure you’re evenly hemming the pants.

Step three – Iron at “fold”  line. This just makes it easier to sew.

Step four – Sew new hem. I usually like my hems 3/4 to 1 inch above the “fold” of the pants.  If hand stitching use a “running” or “straight” stitch around the hem line.

That’s it. You’re done. If you’ve hemmed a significant amount of length off the pants, use your scissors and trim 1/2 half of an inch above the new stitching.

If you’ve never sewed before, this may take about 1/2 an hour or more, but once you get it down, this is something you’ll have mastered forever!

I am kind of a crafty butch and I love to sew – this is me actually hemming some pants a few weeks ago -you know, just for some butch in action excitement at the end of a somewhat perfunctory post.

Happy Hemming!!!


9 Responses to “Keeping you in stitches”

  1. Oooh! Oooh! Butch-in-action excitement for REAL! I’m enjoying how your sweeeet tattoos (oh, LOVE love LOVE them!!) are complimented by the couch upholstery! Very subtle. This is definitely my favorite picture of you EVER! The cuteness even cheered me up a little yesterday (mourning-Miss-Coconut-the-feline-diva day 😦 ).

    Thanks for the tip on turning the pants inside out and walking around a bit to get the right fall– that’s a great one. I’m too lazy to do he ironing thing, but you give excellent sewing advice! I also have a “femme” confession: at 5’2″, HIGH HEELS have often been my response to too-long pants! I know, I know, it’s lazy! But hey, heels can be both fabulously sexy and sartorially functional. 😉

  2. Oh Jeez. UP, that couch is the thing I like LEAST about my house. It was FREE and my thoughts were just to keep it till Heavy Item Pick Up Day in my town – even though they took that away this year so….I’m stuck. The sartoriallove is moving in soon, and she has some better seating options that we’ll explore.

    The fact that my sleeves and the room and the couch are coordinated is purely coincidental.

    • Oh. Well, I can see how it might not *quite* be your Style! Ha. I must admit that I have a soft spot for floral upholstery, though I prefer extra-large patterns with antique/retro flair. As far as ugly couches go (of which I’ve had many), however, that’s a pretty good match for your sleeves– coincidence or not! The PunkLove and I became the proud owners of a new couch this past fall— oh, what a THRILL!! 😀 Rest assured, however, it is not floral. The PunkLove is not down (which is probably for the best).

  3. So glad that couch is going. Though it was comfy, and deep enough for the butch and me to lay side by side, it’s, um…. well. I’m glad you’re going to be swapping it out for something else. 😀

    • Don’t get too excited, love. Its replacement is probably going to be a futon that looks much better, but is less comfy. Ultimate goal is a black leather/teak couch type minimalist creation. This will go very very well with the black leather Daddy chair that the sartoriallove already owns….

      • It’s not likely that I’ll be sleeping on the futon at any point, so I’m more concerned with the aesthetics 😉
        I hope when the time comes to find R’s chair, her typically exceptional taste doesn’t go flying out the window… I refuse to admit another ghastly daddy chair into my home 😛

      • SL’s Daddy chair is black leather and comfy and wide and delightful. It’s like it’s been waiting for me.

  4. I -love- that picture; it’s edged out the holiday bowties, for me. Precious!
    In addition, I feel your pain. I tailor about 80% of my clothes, including button-downs. I can hem a shirt in about 3 minutes flat, ironing included. I’m short and slight enough to shop in the boys’ section (which is generally preferable anyway, they have more colourful stuff), but it still pains me to hack off the bottoms of my Levis–I have two pairs that I roll up, because I can’t bear the thought of cutting into them.

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