I don’t own a lot of jewelry or accessories – I mean on a daily basis I wear three things – a Star of David necklace around my neck (which never comes off,) my pink watch, and I have a silver mobius strip bangle bracelet (it’s really manly, swear)  with a prayer on it that I wear most days. I have a black leather wrist cuff that has some buckles on it that I wear on particularly frisky evenings – but that’s another post.   Outside of that, and some cufflinks, etc, I’m not a huge accessory owner, but I like them a LOT.

I’d REALLY like this ID bracelet – more that I like the concept – I’d never put that kind of information on myself, but I think that something like this could look really cool with the right outfit/rough combination. Thoughts?


10 Responses to “Coveting”

  1. I think this wristcuff is awesome! Both tough & dapper. If you are not into being a labelwhore, you can probably get the exact same thing from a leather worker on Etsy or in your local queer or leather community.

    I also think it is important to personalize stuff like that. One time I gave a similar (but thinner) cuff to a romantic liaison of mine and I had the artist put the word “Shine” on it, since it had intense personal meaning to both of us.

    Since this one has a big face, what about putting a meaningful quote?

  2. Ahem, well, this brings lots of alternative accessory thoughts to mind… but I’m’a keep it clean.
    I think Bevin’s quote idea is a good one, or a simply etched image with particular meaning that for any reason isn’t tattoo-worthy, maybe.

  3. I love it when you’re almost dirty, Kir.

  4. a Star of David necklace around my neck (which never comes off,)

    Silver or gold? I wear one at all times too.

    • It is gold, which is weird because I generally hate gold, but it is the coolest star of David/chai combination necklace ever – it looks kind of star-trekky futuristic and I’ve loved it for years. I used to wear it with a black piece of rattail type fabric. The sartoriallove got tired of this grody piece of string so bought me a chain to match for Hanukkah.

    • i wear a silver torah scroll.

  5. If you’re looking for cool cuffs/leather goods made by hand by a member of the queer community, check out my friend Jake’s stuff:

  6. that cuff is way sexy.
    and i’ll wait (im)patiently for the other post re: the black cuff with the buckles *ahem* did i just admit that curiousity?

    i like the quote or one-word etching idea.
    i need to visit you more often…

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