Random musing after a tiring day…

Being a stud at Guitar Hero is totally butch.

Note: The feelings expressed in this post do not exclude it being anything else, either.

SB secret? I am generally awful at video games but have a Wii and love Guitar Hero, Mariokart, and uhm, Tetris.

Also? I can play a real guitar and have no idea why playing a fake one brings me such joy.


9 Responses to “Random musing after a tiring day…”

  1. I play video games and guitar and Guitar Hero still kicks my ass. Ah well. In any case I’m pretty sure being a stud at most anything is totally butch. 😀

  2. What’s the femme equivalent of “stud?” Your Guitar Hero rockin’ femme audience is dying to know. 😉

  3. Yesssss, I effing LOVE Wii! My partner is really good at video games (by contrast, I’m embarrassing terrible at them) and it’s WAY hot. I’ve been meaning to get her this t-shirt since we saw some guy wearing it at Roller Derby last fall. I’m like, OMG, that’s why you’re hot too!! 😉

    I’m not much into XBox or PS3, etc. But NES will always have a special place in my heart. Technology in the new millennium *rocks my world* and I really enjoy coordinating body movement with video-game response! I like to play Wii Sports (bowling and tennis, oh my!), Wii Play (Find Mii!), Wii Fit (hula hooping is hot), Wii Active, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Mario Brothers, and Mario Kart. The really awesome thing about the NEW Mario Bros. is that we can play together and no matter how many millions of times I die, as soon as another level is passed, I get 5 new lives! YAY! Plus the characters wear the CUTEST little outfits: penguins, helicopters, yoshi-riding, etc.

    Hey SB, is Wii Tetris as addictive as old tetris? I used to play that shit in my SLEEP. And I loved it.

  4. gypsygrrl Says:

    back in the gameboy days my mother and i used to fight over it and playing tetris. i love that game, something mind-numbing about it remains addictive…

    and who know you played a real guitar? now i think you are cooler than i already did 🙂

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