As the snow comes down

Ok, so maybe the huge amount of snow falling in my neck of the woods isn’t totally unexpected by everyone, but um, it was by me as I spent the weekend cocooned in my house and at a family event, and didn’t look at the forecast.  Shucks. Good thing I had insomnia this morning!!!

I still have a ton of work and snow removal to deal with, and while I have a great post in the works, I’m going to instead direct you to one of my favorite butch writers, Bee Listy – who, aside from being a good friend of mine is a terrific writer, and has some words to share on the seemingly common subject for butches – wrong bathroom.

I honestly don’t get “wrong bathroomed” too much, and maybe I just ignore the looks of women when I go in, however, for someone who has EXTREME bathroom issues anyway (confession – I’m the most pee shy human being in the world) bathrooms are always hard. I kind of follow the “head down, get done fast” school of thought.  And it’s not about looking different, it’s about just concentrating on being able to um, do what I need to do without panic.

Yeah. Your friend the SB has some issues……anyway – today is Bee’s day. Enjoy!


One Response to “As the snow comes down”

  1. Wow, thanks for the link. 🙂

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