And sometimes a butch admits her failings

For the past four months I’ve regaled you all with links about fashion and stories and tips for  how to operate in this cold and cruel world as a sharp and fabulous masculinley expressed butch. Today I’m going to take a step back and let you know that even the SB has her fashion failings, though admittedly, um, you know, this particular failing was born out of a function fixing problem.

I’ve lived in my current apartment for almost a year. I live in a pretty awesome part of my city – it’s within walking distance to down town, and I have a bunch of neat bars, restaurants, and shops within blocks. It is quiet enough for me (I do live in a city,) and honestly, I was moving sort of with the quickness and though the interior of this apt was awful when I first looked at it, the floors were good, there were LOTS of room, and I could see it becoming a most spectacular bachelor pad.  Also? It was cheap. Like unbelievably cheap. So I took it.

The only thing my rent included was an off street parking spot – so I was responsible for heat and electricity. I wasn’t so concerned about the electricity part, however, heat? My first 5 years here I lived in a heat included apartment, and well, I was sort of panicked about this. The heat used to be set at 70 in my old place, but here? I was totally flummoxed about figuring out what I should keep the heat at so that I would be comfortable, but also not go broke. Somehow, I landed on 62 degrees. Yeah, it was occasionally chilly, but I had sweatshirts and  figured it would be fine. Also, when I moved in it was the end of the winter and so it was just me.

Fast forward almost a year. The SL is in the picture. She stays here a lot, and that’s going to be come a more permanent change in the near future. And the joke is that 62 is TOO COLD. I refuse to believe this as well, I’m ok, and the dog seems fine and well, it’s fine!  Not so much. I’ve given up and let the temp come up a few degrees during the evenings when the SL and I hang out here but as winter digs in even harder at this time of the year I had to wake up and face the music – I was cold.

More specifically, my feet were cold. And this was especially sad because frankly, I hate slippers. And I don’t particularly like socks. I’m a barefoot kid – if I have to be inside.  But I faced the truth and realized that I needed some slippers. And if I was going to buy slippers they were going to be warm enough to walk around inside, but durable enough so that if I have to walk the dog in them (in the spring/summer) they will hold up.

Which brought me to the only logical solution Which brings me a huge sense of shame. Because I have made fun of this particular brand of footwear since I first saw them years ago. I swore up and down that I’d never ever wear these. But um.

I give you my new house slippers:

Yeah.  There isn’t really much I can say in defense of the choice. They are ugly. They’re totally not sartorial in any way shape or form. I will say that so far they are mad comfy, and doing exactly what I want them to, so I guess I’m going to, just this one time, allow function to precede form.

What’s in your closet that you’re somewhat ashamed of, but you love/like anyway?


8 Responses to “And sometimes a butch admits her failings”

  1. Oh LOOK, you have Blogger Identity angst too! Heeheehee! I *knew* I loved you– right from the beginning! I am, however, APPALLED by your Crocs. Especially since you said LESBIANS wear them! Uh-huh, that’s what I THOUGHT! 😉 Nevertheless, it’s very mature and courageous to admit such an embarrassing thing as wearing Crocs. So I won’t hold it against you. I just admitted yesterday to not being PUNK, so that’s all the confessional I can handle for the next 24 hours. Ok, ok, I LOVE sweatpants and I wear my turquoise rainboots in the snow (all the time). I look effing ridiculous and I don’t care! ;P

  2. NO sweatpants?!?! Omg. I know I’m a sick woman but I think sweatpants can be sexy on the right person. So how bout wind pants? Or like, track pants? You know what I mean? Do you wear snow/ski pants to shovel, then?

  3. I own a pair of those; my mom gave them to me the first year they came out– I wore them every day to teach kindergarten in. They also became my smoking shoes– I didn’t smoke inside my apartment and didn’t want to ruin my good houseshoes (minnetonka mocs) so i’d throw on the crocs to go out for a cigarette.

    I am proud to report that i haven’t worn them since I quit– I’m going to get rid of mine.

    the piece of clothing i am most ashamed of would be this stupid red hooded cardigan i got at the thrift store. I wore it to work once and decided it made me look 15 years older than i am– something i’m not really into… so now it’s my pajama sweater– i only wear it around the house with pj pants. not very sexy, but i’m single and my roommate doesn’t care what i wear 🙂

  4. You already know my feelings on the crocs. ahem.

    Also, sweats can absolutely be sexy. But they have to be the right kind, and on the right butch. 😉

    Aaaaaaand, as for wearables I’m ashamed of but love? Hmm… Oh! My Fisherman’s Wharf-purchased San Francisco hoodie. I look like such a tourist in it, but it’s sooooo warm and soft on the inside 🙂

  5. Crocs! Oh dear. Sure, they’re functional, but … I’ll say no more.

    I think the key to sweatpants is NO ELASTIC. In the waist, around the hem … none. It’s not like I own a lot of sweats, but drawstring is the way to go.

    I try not to keep negative items in my wardrobe just on principle. I do have a lot of tees I could probably sort through, though.

  6. This post made me laugh. 😀

    I’ve done multiple rounds of super-intense wardrobe purging in the last year to keep pace with my evolving gender presentation, so I don’t think I have anything I’m ashamed of right now. I do have a pretty ugly pair of workout pants I recently purchased, but they’re functional and I figure in that situation looking cute is not the point…

    Anyway. Hope your feet stay warm.

  7. I have those fur-lined crocs for houseshoes as well. They work great! I also get mistaken for a dude in the bathroom and even had a woman holding people out of the bathroom to get security once. Probably because not only am I butch, but I am just under 6 feet tall. What can I say? I’m an average size dude!

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