Shoes glorious shoes

Back to the sartorial side of things today – though don’t you worry, I have some monsters brewing in the back of the French press that is my head that I promise to squeeze out in the very near future. Admittedly, some of my current thoughts hit some pretty raw and scraped up places so I appreciate your patience while I try to put them all together into a beautiful, steaming cup of perfection.

But EVERYONE loves shoes, right? Well, in any case, lots of YOU do, judging by links, comments, and private emails. I know that I started giving you some resources of procurement of some great footwear choices, but today I thought I’d give you a rare peek into my closet – in fact, that’s going to be probably something you’ll see more of – my real stuff.  Because well, I’m narcissistic AND I also think that it’s good to show you the real deal instead of links to “similar” items to what I really like.

I have one of the worlds best collections of casual footwear – but that’s not what you’re going to get to see today. Today I’m going to focus on the 4 pairs of shoes I wear most often – my work shoes. Granted, these are not the only shoes I wear to work, sometimes a trusted pair of Doc Martens find their way into the repertoire, but these are my go-to’s as far as work footwear.

That’s pretty much it – two blacks, two browns, different shades of all. As you may have already guessed, sometimes, and especially when it comes to work attire, I am not a big fan of laces. From left/right top/bottom – These are a pair of Rockport boots that I absolutely adore. The leather is soft and buttery and they feel so incredibly good when zipped up over my ankle. They’re not particularly warm, however they look fantastic with a fresh pressed pair of khaki’s, or even a dark blue pair of slacks. Sometimes I even get adventurous and even wear them with gray. Really. It can work – just read what this guy says about it:)

Next over – standard pair of Keen Presidio’s.  Yes, these are technically a woman’s shoe, however they fit so well and look fairly neutral that I LOVE to wear them. I love these for days when I know I’m going to be on my feet a lot, and I even like sometimes wearing them with casual jeans and a sweater – that combo evokes a “typical New England preppy” kind of feel, and I kind of love that.  For an even more neutral and maybe even somewhat more masculine look, I also have a couple of (now very beat up) pairs of the Briggs line.  Keen’s are REALLY well made and comfortable. I have pairs that are over 4 years old and they are just now wearing through the bottoms (dog walk shoes) but are still terrifically comfortable.

Bottom left – Steve Madden slide loafer type shoes. Just a really comfy and classic (and gay) looking shoe. I typically only wear these with khaki’s, as the leather is too light to go with most other colors, however they do look equally awesome with jeans.  As I’ve mentioned before, I tend to wear my shoes a little bit big and these are no exception to that rule, and my feet LOVE being in them.

Last pair – the ones I probably wear most, as my wardrobe typically stays in the black/gray range of shades and colors – Kenneth Cole dress shoes. They’ve retained their shine fairly well (reminder, post on how to properly shine shoes – any bootblacks reading wanna chime in?) and they are so comfy and lighter than you’d expect, so they don’t drag down on my feet all day. They look fantastical with pretty much everything. There’s a bit of lift to them, so whether real or perceived, I tend to walk a bit taller when I wear them.

So…that’s the work shoes. Have you found a pair of work shoes that feel like home to you? Feel free to chime in on what items of my clothing you’d like to see next – really, I’ll show you it all:)

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9 Responses to “Shoes glorious shoes”

  1. I live in Minneapolis, and it’s winter– so generally I arrive at work in a pair of Sorel Caribou boots.  Generally I change into shoes when I arrive at the office, and my go-to shoes for work are either Bass Weejuns (with kilt & tassle–almost impossible to find anymore), black cowboy boots Doc 3 eye gibsons in red.

    When things are more casual at work (Fridays, or the summer), I generally wear my black Keen portolas (which I guess are no longer available).  They are so comfortable and last forever. 

    SB, I’m interested in your extensive tie collection– when are you going to share that with us? 🙂

  2. i second bee…lets see that collection

  3. Those are some good looking shoes – thanks for sharing!

    I’m kind of an obsessive shoe polisher … I think it stems from my military days. I’m not ashamed to claim that I had the shiniest, best looking boots in the division. Those things looked like black glass … sigh.

  4. This was helpful. I have been looking for some dress shoes for my partner for their birthday. They desperately need some and I really have no idea what to look for in masculine shoes.

  5. Link me! Link me!

  6. […] blue/white pearl button shirt with a solid tie and solid sweater (down below are khakis and my brown dress boots) and I think this look is one that works well for me. A little bit of whimsy with a whole lot of […]

  7. Robin Gordon Says:

    Summer footwear addition, although I love to wear a good pair of Vans (usually the checkered ones) they have nothing on the comfort and versatility of my Keens sandals. My girlfriend had purple ones and finally convinced me to get a pair, so I found green, and I have worn them almost every warm day in the last three years, they have great support and are really really comfortable.

    • Yup, they do, and I’ve been wearing my blue ones since 2004!! I love them because I don’t like squicky things like riverbeds and these are PERFECT for jumping in and not feeling icked out.

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