Sunday morning start up

Disclaimers – I’m not fully up yet. I didn’t clean the kitchen first. I never claimed to have sartorial hoodies, these are just pj’s. I’m also not showered and coiffed, but that should be fully evident. Also? I only had one chance to make this right so….it isn’t perfect, I eye roll and stutter and say “roast” instead of “brew.” Forgive;)

French press coffee makes a smooth, almost creamier coffee than regular drip coffee AND comes with the added benefit of not using electricity or much space at all in your kitchen.  This is one small thing you can do (especially if you like good coffee) to care for yourself, guests, and those who you love. Added bonus? Tastes better than anything you can buy in a store and costs a TON less.



8 Responses to “Sunday morning start up”

  1. This is a great post…makes me miss my french press. I gave mine to my dad a few years ago when I purged belongings for a cross-country move.

  2. HI!!!!!!
    this just made me happy to have coffee with you. woo!

    cracked up over boiling water

    but here is my question- I LOVE french press coffee but I hate cleaning the grinds out. Any tips on that??

  3. Well, the whole thing is supposed to come apart, just hold the base of the filter and turn left – my press pieces has that are numbered so they go back in the right order.

    As for the glass? NO SOAP. Really. Clean with hot water and occasionally white vinegar.

    As for grounds – I don’t think they’re supposed to go down the sink – I have a “ick catching” strainer in my sink and then they go in the trash.

  4. Cool video 😀 I agree. French press is ridiculously awesome.

  5. Love my french pressed coffee too. I always put my plunger back in the pot (but don’t press down) while I’m waiting for the coffee to brew. Do you get a better result if you leave it off? Love the locking feature to keep leftover coffee from brewing longer. I haven’t seen a press like that. What kind is it? I have a run of the mill Bodum.

  6. I think I have a french press. Maybe two. Curse you, workplace, for disabling flash! I shall try – again – to remember to watch this tonight so I can see if I’m right, and then know how to use it 😛

  7. I also love French press coffee, and it’s a lot simpler to make than people think. Like Melody, I put the plunger on (but don’t press) while the coffee steeps. Seems to work for me, anyway. Great video! Now I’m contemplating doing some video posts …

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