Show and Tell: Tie Post

Ok, so the quilt is almost done and so I’m less stressed about that however the Sartorallove is MOVING IN in like, less than 2 weeks. This means my new stress is turning bachelor pad into family home. It shouldn’t be too hard to merge households but closets must be emptied (I guess baseball/sports jerseys don’t really need their own space and I don’t even wear them all that much) and space made in cupboards, and um, yeah, the bathroom is preparing for takeover. I DID want to get something up here and being as I was organizing my closets anyway, as they were asked for, here’s the tie collection in its entirety.  I tried to go in some sort of light/dark color order and started with the bows – but it’s not perfect, but I figured you’d forgive me  Enjoy!

Annnd. There you go!


8 Responses to “Show and Tell: Tie Post”

  1. LOVE the bows.

    Mazel tov on the big move in!

  2. drooling. drooling. want argyle and moz ties like NOW.

  3. Very nice. Now I have the urge to add to my collection – thanks a LOT.

  4. love the Love Kills Slowly one best, i think 🙂

  5. A magnificent collection — makes me want to post mine.

  6. HAWT. I cannot believe you have a Mozzer tie. That is fucking EPIC.

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