All downhill for me

I want to give some big big props to the US Snowboarding team! Yes, I have been sucked into the games as well, and I now have a new appreciation for Curling (though, honestly, this is something I’d LOVE to try this sport with my bro’s after a few beers) and Johnny Wier (you go boy!) and for  Shaun White and his fashion sense.

That kid is so much more than hype but in addition to his AMAZING skills that, he looked GREAT kicking ass on the pipe.

Now, as White is probably the BIGGEST snowboarder sponsored by Burton I can only assume he had some influence in the decision to go with this denim/plaid combo so..kudos.

Seriously. I’d wear this on the slopes. I’ve been skiing since I was pretty little and have recently picked it up again. As is it’s hard enough to find a good ski/board jacket (I tried snowboarding once and have NEVER (ok, smirk, maybe not never) been so black and blue in my life) that fits right and isn’t too girly.

Right now I wear an EMS mens’ jacket that is warm and fits okay, but…the sleeves are too long and And snow pants? I LOVE the “jeans-type” snow pants, and have a pair of North Face Freedom pants, and though they’re not mock jeans – they work/look  the similarly, and are totally comfy, warm, waterproof,  and look great.

For you gear heads, I rock Atomic boots and Elan Skis.

I used to be skilled enough for black diamond runs, but then I realized that I mostly liked the scenery and enjoying the run, not thinking too much about technical accuracy so that I didn’t fall off the side of a mountain.  As I got older I started developing a huge fear of heights (but am still ok on the chairlift) so um, yeah, I mostly stick to really long green trails, you know the ones that take 40 minutes to get down……ok. Now I want to blow off cleaning my apt and readying it for the Sartoriallove and go skiing on Sunday…who’s in?


3 Responses to “All downhill for me”

  1. Love the post on snowboarding, well love all your posts! Jackets are hard to come by that fit well and look like you want! I have been looking for a baggy fit and one that is longer. I have found that bonfire has a good amount of jackets that fit both and are cool designs. Maybe check those out! Have fun hitting the slopes! Its been snowing here in CO so I think I’ll be putting down my cleaning stuff too!

  2. I lovelovelove to ski! I only just learned how to last year, and it turns out that I was sort of a natural. Who knew? I’m terrible at sports and not at all athletic, so I felt extra-badass. We like to wait for t-shirt skiing weather, but we should head up in March for sure.

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