Sartorial Fail #2

I really suck at putting together pre-fab furniture. Big awesome garage type stuff? No problem. But crappy storage drawers? Not so much. Nails askew, having to re-screw (I just said re-screw) things in and out till I get it right – even when I scrutinize the instructions.

Oh well. I’m sure that the “relaxation exercises” I partook in upon getting home from work didn’t help but still….I’m regularly not good at this.

I’ll tackle new bathroom shelving tomorrow.

What’s your big fail?


7 Responses to “Sartorial Fail #2”

  1. Ooooh, I love “relaxation exercises”! Mine usually involve inhale deeply, hold, hold, and ….exhale.

    PS. pictures please!

  2. Frozen pizzas. Frozen foods in general, actually, but most spectacularly frozen pizzas. I mean, I’m a cook, fer-gawd-sake, you’d think I’d be able to preheat, place on middle rack, cook for 20 minutes. Apparently not. FAIL.

  3. I’m a shitty baker. Just horrible.

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