Bargain Day

As some of you read in my tweet, I took my 3 y/0 femme diva in training friend to the mall, where she ‘helped’ me pick out a few new outfits, specifically one for my incredibly hot date last night.  To reward her for all of her patience and for being on her bestest behavior, I supplied her with her first in a salon manicure. She was in heaven. Seriously, the kid sat there not moving her hands for the entire 1/2 hour while I got mine done as well –  and she was rewarded with sparkly blue nails with a little white/purple flower on each of her tiny tiny thumbs. It was seriously adorable.

For me however, the BEST part of the day were the 3 pairs of pants that I bought for under $50 at H&M.

I spent about an hour after getting home doing some hemming work, and I was good to go. And the SL thought I looked more than dashing and we had a spectacular date night.  It’s restaurant week in our town, where many of the really lovely high end places do special 20/30/40 dollar 3-5 course menus. It’s kind of awesome, because you get to try out places that you’d really be disappointed in if it cost a ton of money and you didn’t like.  For me,  I’ve picked one stand by place and one place I’ve not tried yet for this event – last night was the tried and true, and as usual, they didn’t disappoint.

I’m a huge fan of local indie restaurants. I’d much rather spend $130 on one meal with my partner once a month than 4  $30 meals at craptastic chain restaurants. For me, the food itself is a huge part of the date – well prepared food is as much foreplay as anything else is. When your taste buds are happy, and you’ve had some nice wine and your whole body is in a really euphoric place AND you’re with someone you really dig? Awesomeness.

If you’ve not done this kind of dining I highly urge you to save up and try it at least once – even if you’re not a snotty foodie like I am, I’m sure that you’re going to have an experience you won’t soon forget – or one that you won’t try to recreate as often as you’re able.


7 Responses to “Bargain Day”

  1. I’ll totally agree about spending a lot on one perfect meal being better than spending the same amount on 4 crappy meals.

    I love to linger over a great meal– I did this a couple of weeks ago on a date at a wonderful spot here in MPLS. Great food, great food, and great company really does make for a memorably awesome evening.

  2. Thanks for suggesting H&M! I am in the market for some new dressy pants for some upcoming events and have a hard time finding ones that fit well. So I will check out H&M.

  3. Oh, perfect meals are wonderful. We have restaurant week here as well. I love going to Philly or Atlantic City where there are tons of expensive restaurants I usually would not be eating at, and giving them a try.

    And yay for 3 pairs of pants under $50!!

  4. Also in complete agreement about the dining thing. We spent $140 total for our Valentine’s Day dinner but it was so worth the whole month prior of eating-out-fasting for that meal.

    San Francisco is AWESOME for foodies, though. We have the privilege of getting really really good local indie prepared food — not chains — for a lot less than that too. $30/each for really good food is about average.

    • That’s part of what I LOVED about living in SF. And, in part, what I love about where I live now. There are very very few chains in my city’s downtown core, heck the whole city really doesn’t have that much – though everything IS within a 10 minute drive if you need an Olive Garden fix. Which I don’t. Ever.

  5. What’s funny is I have all of those pants too. Well, the ones on the right I have in shorts. H&M is pretty cheap to begin with, but they do have awesome sales.

    Unfortunately we haven’t gotted out for rest

  6. er… continued…

    We haven’t gotten out for Restaurant Week due to lack of time, which is sad. But I love that our small city has so many excellent choices of places to eat on just about any budget even outside of Restaurant Week.

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