A “Treat Yourself” interlude…

Admittedly, I’m not much of a drinker.  I’m allergic to something in the brewing process of beer, so more than one or two make me feel really sick before ever getting to buzz.  Sulfates in most red wines gives me a massive headache.  I don’t like the “out of control” drunk feeling I get when imbibing too much in the realm of hard alcohol/mixed drinks. While I do have an affinity for the occasional well crafted mixed drink, and I generally think it’s always a great time for sipping a tumbler of Scotch- neat, please.

That being said, sometimes it IS the right time for a glass of wine with a good meal. And with that I feel I must direct you towards my new favorite white wine produced by Sleight of Hand Cellars in WA, “The Magician” Gewurztraminer.

This is an AWESOME white wine that is excellently paired with light meals, salads, fish, and Asian cuisine. It’s PERFECT with the Filipino Adobo Shrimp that I gave you the recipe for a few months ago, and seriously, it’s delicious.

It’s fruity without being too sweet or too Riesling like, fragrant, somewhat spicy, and is (to me anyway, you’ll have to find out for yourself) perhaps the easiest drinking white wine that I’ve ever tasted. I am SO not a wine expert but I really like this. At around $17 a bottle it’s not cheap, but it’s totally not out of the realm of inexpensive.

Buy a bottle, and make your significant (or insignificant) other(s) a nice meal and enjoy. Heck. Enjoy it by yourself with a fine meal and a book.  You deserve it:)


One Response to “A “Treat Yourself” interlude…”

  1. Sparrow Fox Says:

    I also have issues with some alcoholic beverages. A white wine that I found that did wonders for me is Naked, by Four Vines in Paso Robles, California. They don’t create the wine in wooden barrels – rather they use stainless steel barrels. It’s without a doubt the cleanest white wine I’ve ever had and I purchase it by the case. I encourage you to try it!

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