Butch Cooking School: Jewey Breakfast

The following is a recipe for my FAVORITE comfort food breakfast. I could eat this year round but it’s especially welcome during Passover, when Jews are prohibited from eating leavened bread, and certain grains, which can make for a challenging breakfast selection.

Matzah Brei is like Jewish french toast. Pretty much everyone’s mom makes it different, and you end up liking what you grew up with best. It can be served open faced style, fritata style, or the way I prefer it, “scrambled egg” style.  This is an EASY yet tasty breakfast that is sure to make the Jew in your life feel extra special, especially during Passover.


1/2 box kosher for Passover matzah (or not, if it isn’t Passover

2 eggs

1 cup of milk

dash of salt

1/3 stick butter

1)break the matzah into small pieces, roughly 1×2 inches – though this is very free form. Just try not to have them be too small or too big:) Put matzah in a large bowl

2)cover the matzah with warmish tap water. Let the matzah soak for about two minutes, just until it starts to get soft to the touch. Do NOT over soak, mushy is bad.

3)in separate bowl mix milk eggs, and a good pinch of salt.

4)drain water from matzah either using a colander or your hand over the lip of the bowl. Practice makes perfect here. After years and years of matzah brei making I rarely lose any to the sink anymore when I drain it.

5)mix matzah with egg/milk mixture – use your hands for this. Yes, gross but necessary.

6)melt butter in a large saute pan over medium low heat.

7)When butter is melted, fry matzah brei. To fully cook it all this will take about 20 minutes. Do not be tempted to turn the heat up to make it go faster, this doesn’t work and ends up with burnt outside, soggy inside matzah brei. You’ll want to flip the matzah brei around every 4 or so minutes, and break it apart a little bit with a spatula as you work.

8)You’ll know it’s done when the pieces flake apart from each other, but still look somewhat moist and delicious.

9)top with your favorite sweet item. I prefer regular white sugar, which I pile on in excess and stir around till it melts in a shiny gloss over the matzah. Others prefer powdered sugar, jelly, or even maple syrup.


For my Jew friends – what is your favorite part about Passover? For my non-Jew friends – this season is abundant with holidays – what are your favorite springtime holiday traditions?


7 Responses to “Butch Cooking School: Jewey Breakfast”

  1. gypsygrrl Says:

    this sounds seriously yummy 🙂

  2. My springy tradition? That first beer on the deck!

  3. judecorp Says:

    Oh my god, that looks divine. Please make it for me.

  4. SB – as a fellow Jewish dyke I have to say….mmmmmmm! Sadly Passover food does not in any way support my workout plan so I try to keep stuff like this (and other delicious items) to a minimum. My Passover fave – chocolate covered Matzoh..delicious! For all non Jews remember – when you run into Matzoh based foods that you love don’t over do it! Matzoh…umm…kinda binds you up! Just a sage word of advice….J

  5. Artfemme Says:

    yum! It’s one of my favorites too but with a little real maple syrup. I also love matzo ball soup… my grandmothers recipe. yumyum

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