Cowboy Chic

Ok, I have to admit that I have a serious love for all shirts pearl buttoned. Usually, these are not dressy enough to be work wear – where I live, anyway, so I usually save them for nights out.  I have however figured out a few ways in which I can incorporate “me” items into my work wardrobe. I call this look cowboy chic – I’ve paired a brown/navy/light blue/white pearl button shirt with a solid tie and solid sweater (down below are khakis and my brown dress boots) and I think this look is one that works well for me. A little bit of whimsy with a whole lot of style.

What are some fashion items that you love, but don’t think are necessarily work wear appropriate? What outfits have you put together that combine the work you and the real you?  Let’s mix it up today on the SB!!!


4 Responses to “Cowboy Chic”

  1. Well, since you asked: I sometimes masquerade cute little sundresses as work appropriate attire by throwing the ol’ cardigan over them– just like what you’ve done here with your Butch Sweater. The beloved Femme Cardigan is useful for camouflaging any number of professional indecencies including strapless, open back, plunging neckline, and sheerness.

    Here’s me at work today, showing some personality and celebrating SPRING with colors and a cardigan!!!

  2. Hey, congrats on the Washington post mention!
    My ‘job’ as a performer is pretty sweet in its general lack of a formal dress code. The biggest thing I have to leave behind is all the useful butch stuff in my pockets. Harsh lighting casts straaaange shadows, and the last thing you want is people staring at what *really is* a swiss army knife or a lighter or a hankie in your pocket instead of listening.
    My job as a cook is pretty good clothes-wise too, where I get to indulge my love of offensive black baseball caps from the dollar store.

  3. I am curious as to why you refer to this as “cowboy chic” if you’re covering up the only western touch of the outfit with a sweater? Are you being ironic?

    • it’s slightly tongue in cheek but – i love dressing in cowboy shirts – they’re not appropriate where I work, but the bit peeking through the sweater gets me through the day. Thanks for reading!

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