Thank you Spring!

In honor of the holiday that I’ve coined “First Tee-Shirt Day” I’m going to post about one of my favorite pairs of Spring/Summer footwear: Vans.

Yup. These are mine. I LOVE these shoes, even though they aren’t quite comfy enough (for me, the flat footed one) to wear all day long, I can do an 8 or so hour stretch in them. If I’m wearing khaki’s and a shirt and tie I can even get away with them as almost appropriate work footwear.

Additionally, they pretty much look good with ANY other casual pant/short choice – jeans, cotton pants (white ones look awesome with vans) and cargo shorts.  They’re also not so expensive that having a couple of pairs (these are brown, green, and pink) is unattainable.

I know that I’ve mentioned my shoe-whoreness before – I really am. This is just pair one of summer/spring casual footwear and there are TONS more to come. Really. I think some of it has to do with the fact that no matter what size you are, there are always going to be shoes that you like that fit – and buying shoes was the only shopping experience that I had as a teen that didn’t end in tears or me feeling really really bad about myself.  So shoe buying has pretty much always been a source of joy and happiness for me.

What do you love to shop for?


6 Responses to “Thank you Spring!”

  1. I tend to have an undeniable need to shop for movies. I have gotten better and have started seeking alternate methods to increasing my library, but its definitely the item at the top of my list.

    As far as clothing/accessories go, I have an underwear obsession. I think I have enough pairs to go a month, close to two, before I run out. (not that I wait that long in between doing laundry 🙂

  2. starrhillgirl Says:

    I hate to shop. But I am SO happy I found you. Can I have a car post, please?

  3. Wearing my Vans right now! They were the first pair of shoes I dug out when the snow melted. Mine are black and white.

    I wear sneakers pretty much every day to work (I work in print media) outside of winter and it’s usually either Vans or Pumas.

  4. I love vans so much! They’re hella durable, too! This weekend my butch friend Christie put on a pair that we bought on a shopping trip together 6 years ago.

    I have a pair of checkered vans flip flops that are still going strong, too. I don’t know how you feel about flip-flops, but it is hard to find a well-made flip flop. I am a native Californian and I live for foot freedom.

    • The sartorialbutch LOVES flip flops, and has worn the same very well made pair of brown leather ones for over 6 years (they’ve held up THAT good) and a pair of black foam ones with rainbows running around the “flop” that I bought in the Castro like 4 years ago.

      The SL on the other hand hates having the thingy between her toes. Oh well:)

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