Spicy New Smell of Spring

It started when I got home from work on Saturday. The SL said, “I don’t have anything to wear to the party tonight!!!”  As I wasn’t feeling like I had a whole lot to wear either, this made for a perfect excuse to hit the mall in search of perfect attire to wear to Favorite Femme Friend’s birthday bash.

The SL did very very very well at Macy’s, but that’s not the point of this story.  We were walking past the cologne counter and she looked at me and smiled and said, “by the way, I was flipping through your GQ this morning and I smelled Burberry Sport and I thought it smelled really really really good. I’d love to smell it on you. Well, being as the last time this happened (by this I mean an encounter at this very same cologne counter where she smelled something I was wearing and totally flipped) it only ended in good things for me, I was happy to oblige.

It smells GOOOOD. Very spicy, but not musky at all. On me, it mellows out pretty quickly and just is….really nice, and seems to last for  a pretty long time.

So…there you go….something new to try the next time that you’re out and about and doing some shopping!!  Perfect new scent for Spring.

Have you come across anything new in the scent department that really flipped your (or your s/o’s) switch?


5 Responses to “Spicy New Smell of Spring”

  1. Simona Brianti Says:

    Bulgari Blv Notte Cologne for Men is really an exquisite scent, which could actually be used as unisex:)

  2. I’ve been enjoying playing with Jo Malone scent layering. They have several masculine offerings, and the company designs their scents to be worn solo or layered with others. I like them because they smell “nature-based” rather than typically “cologney”.

  3. Giorgio Armani “Il”

  4. A girl I was going with told me I needed to change my scent. I found Very Sexy for Him in Victoria’s Secret. That girl is long in the past, but I still wear the scent, since women seem to enjoy it greatly. In fact, I get “sniffed” on a regular basis and femmes and straight women alike express their overwhelming approval.

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