New favorite for the bathing suit area!

Ok, I know, I know, I spend way too much time and money thinking and talking about underwear. That said? I have a new favorite pair.

These are the new trunks in the Calvin Klein X line of men’s underwear. You know, because X marks the spot. Hahahaha. AAAANYWAY…point is? Not only are they incredibly cool with their extra wide logo band, these trunks are super super comfortable. Really. They’re not too tight anywhere, they don’t ride up AT ALL, which is a freaking miracle, and they feel so so so smooth against your skin that you almost don’t want to take them off….until convinced otherwise.

If you click through to the CK site, they’re on sale for $26 bucks each. Which, I’d spend but you know, I’m always shopping for a bargain – I scored my pair at Macy’s on Saturday and only paid $16.50.

Stumbled upon any must haves in the underwear department lately??

2 Responses to “New favorite for the bathing suit area!”

  1. ladyfemme Says:

    i love aussie bum- their undies are super cute and the Wonderjock line has a pocket in the front that would be great for a soft pack… plus free shipping.

  2. Hey SB!
    I just bought a pair of CK X trunks. I totally agree with you! They’re awesome, and are my new favourite pair. I’ve tried out Diesel and AE, but these are definitely the comfiest. I love how the front isn’t overly large! Thanks for the rec.
    – JD

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