Because French cuffs are sexy….

And will lead us into a lovely post about cuff links next week:)  This is a French cuff shirt from the (ok, yeah, I know, but know what? The shirts fit really really  nice) Donald Trump collection. There’s always a little extra pep in the step when I’m wearing French cuffs – don’t know why, but they come along with this little bit of debonair attitude that really makes for an excellent outfit, day, and state of mind.

Do you do the French cuff? What are your favorite designers for this kind of shirt?

8 Responses to “Because French cuffs are sexy….”

  1. I desperately need to find a good line of shirts with French cuffs to fit my butch; I’d like to be able to branch out from ties to cufflinks when it comes to accessory shopping for her 🙂

  2. It’s more officious and self-possessed, that’s why!

    “Do not question me, for I am wearing French cuffs.”
    “Direct eye contact is not advised, for I am wearing French cuffs.”
    “Engage at your own risk, for I am wearing French cuffs.”

    Like that!

  3. don’t think I can pull off the frenchies…though I am impressed with your suave style.

  4. simonesmom Says:

    I like the French cuffs, but my butch actually requires a more feminine cut– doesn’t like the extra bagginess men’s shirts give her when she tucks them in. Have you seen any in women’s shirts? I’d love to see her in one of these.

  5. French cuffs are my favorite type of button down. I prefer shirts without banker’s cuffs/collar. I like the more modern look of shirts with matching cuffs. Bonus for shirts that require collar stays…love them!

  6. I have some french-cuffed shirts from Perry Ellis that I got at TJ Maxx–a place I’ve heard you’ve patronized. :p I don’t like the contrast color french cuffs for myself. I’m sure other brands offer this as well, but the PE shirts I found keep the same pattern/color of the arm for the cuff.

  7. T M Lewin. They do four different sleeve lengths and a choice of single or double cuffs on most shirts.

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