Why is a raven like a writing desk?

At the request of favorite femme friend and her dashing butch, I’m going to dedicate this post to hats.  Some may be familiar to you, others, not so much, or maybe you just didn’t know what they were called so when you were trying to describe or look for one you didn’ t know what you were looking for!

Oh yeah- One thing before I get to the hats. I’m somewhat of a stickler for hat etiquette.  If it’s a casual, night time event, feel free to leave  your hat on. If you’re out to dinner, or in someones home? Take the hat off, ‘kay? A good rule of thumb is if you are eating outside (like at a baseball game, where your hat SHOULD be taken off only for the National Anthem) then your hat can stay on.  If you’re eating indoors? Hats off.

For extra hat etiquette points, I’m going to quote from Andy’s hat etiquette page:

“A gentleman takes off his hat and holds it in his hand when a lady enters the elevator in any building that can be classified as a dwelling such as an apartment house or hotel. He puts it on again in the corridor.

A public corridor is like the street, but an elevator in a hotel or apartment house has the character of a room in a house and there a gentleman does not keep his hat on in the presence of ladies”

Ok. On to the hats!

I’m going to start out really easy with this one, and usually it’s a staple for many butches – the baseball cap.  This one is my favorite ever- fitted please.  For me? Unless I’ve coordinated a ball cap to an outfit, or am going to a sporting event, I don’t wear ball caps as “fashion.” Generally it means that I haven’t done my hair and need to go outside or run to the supermarket or something.

Obviously, I’m biased here, but you can buy pretty much ANY sports team cap at The Sports Authority.  And if team sports aren’t your thing? Well, you can get a ball cap for pretty much anything – check out Lids or Pacific Coast Sunwear – or even better, a local store in your town with really original product.  You can look cute with one of these worn back or front, high up or down over the eyes. Additionally, if you LIKE wearing ball caps, don’t think you can’t – just make sure it’s not ALL you wear – people will notice that they’ve never seen the top of  your head before.

Next up? One of my favorites, the Ivy hat.  I always wear mine backwards, and even though it isn’t the late 90’s anymore I still really really dig Kangol hats.

I really like this hat and would certainly put it on my coveting list. You can pick one up at Hats in the Belfry.  Here’s another version of an Ivy hat, courtesy of the Village Hat Shop.

Similar, yet different to the Ivy is the Newsboy.  I’ve never seen a butch not look hot in one of these. This one is courtesy of  Dad’s Hats.

Another cool hat is the duckbill or pub hat – I really like this one that I found at Hats in the Belfry.

Now on to some more nighttime hat selections. My favorite, and current popular hot hat is the Fedora. I really really like this straw one, available at Urban Outfitters.

A more dressy, felt version can be found at the Village Hat shop:

Another dressy hat is the Pork Pie – I think this one looks really awesome when you’re all dressed up and ready for a night out on the town. I found this one at Sak’s Fifth Avenue.One more really classic dress hat is the Derby or Bowler hat. I found this awesome one at hats.com.

So…I know, I didn’t hit upon EVERY kind of hat there is to be found – I passed over Panama hats, Cowboy hats, and a TON others, but I hope I’ve been able to show you a couple of different examples of hats that you may not already have, or ones that you’d never thought about wearing before.

Are there any hats that I shouldn’t have missed? Any hat makers that you particularly like?


14 Responses to “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

  1. There is an amazing hat shop on Haight street, with a sexy-as-hell fedora that I *must* buy for my butch. I think my exact verbal reaction when she tried it on was, “Um, can we go home? Like, NOW?” I won’t get into details about my non-verbal reaction 😉

  2. I prefer to go with this style for a casual/baseball cap…

  3. Hey, I learned a lot about hats from this post. Thanks, SB!

    PS. hats are a helpful alert to build into your lesbi-dar (that’s gaydar specific to women). it’s obv not conclusive evidence, but merely an instructive factor in making the final determination.

  4. I have an insanely tiny head, and therefore miss out on TOO many hats I’ve seen and loved. Long shot here, but if you’re pea-headed like me, and you’re ever in Florence, Italy… do visit the San Lorenzo open air market. There’s tons of hat vendors there that not only sell beautiful Italian crafted fedoras, newsboys, etc. that come in smaller sizes, but if that’s not enough, they’ll even help resize it for you on the spot.

    I enjoy your blog, SB. Keep it up!

    • Hi Snuff – Thanks for writing! I too have a small head, and sometimes at high end stores the hats in the boys dept work well also. But I will certainly check that market out, you know, next time in Florence;)

  5. Update – it’s not the same as the super fancy hat, but we did find a really reasonably priced pinstripe fedora at Lids, of all places, and it definitely works, particularly when placed at a rakish angle 🙂

  6. oh, how i love hats.

    i can’t decide whether i like the new trendiness of fedoras or not – on the one hand, i love to see people wearing real hats (as opposed to ball caps, which have a place, but…). on the other hand, i’m a bit of an old-fashioned snob, and i’m loathe to call the trendy hats they sell at target fedoras. not that i don’t own two.

  7. ladyfemme Says:

    If you have a pea head, try vintage hats! The smaller ones are usually cheaper, and people had much smaller hats back then. You can also pad them a bit, if they’re slightly too big, by using that sticky foam insulation stuff for air conditioners- just stick it inside, under the fabric band that goes around the interior…
    did that make sense?

    I love hats. And i have to say, mostly in deference to my very dapper hat wearing butch, i don’t mind when the hat doesn’t come off. I think most people have to choose between hair or hat…

  8. justanotherdandy Says:

    Great to see a post on hats! I’ve been wearing fedoras, porkpies and the occasional baseball hat for many years. One thing I’ve learned re: fedoras: the brim width and crown is essential! Too wide a brim on a small face is overwhelming. If you can, go to a hat shop, I found one in Western MA called “Brim and Crown.”. The proprieter did not blink an eye when I told him I wanted a men’s hat. He offered insight and made sure I walked out with a hat that looked good on me (since this makes him look good, too!).

    • Thanks for reading? Where in W. Mass is this shop? The valley is one of my stomping grounds and I’m always on the lookout for a new place to check out!

      • justanotherdandy Says:

        Brim & Crown is located at 439 White Street, Sprinfield, MA. A link to Mr. Little’s shop: http://www.brimandcrown.com

        After buying the Pinzano summer hat, and getting many compliments, I ordered a Beaver Brand Fedora from him.

        Nice guy, did not strike me as homophobic. Enthusiastic about getting people into the type of hat the customer wants, but also looks great on his customer.

  9. justanotherdandy Says:

    Ah…one other thing I’d like to say: it is refreshing to read your suggestions for fine dress and etiquette! Although I am quite a bit older than you, and this is reflected in some of my clothes choices, your shoe suggestions (traditional with fashion flair), hat and clothing suggestions are sure to inspire other butches to bring up their wardrobe a notch or two! It is inspiring to read and see. It is great to read that a butch can have a fashion sense and still be butch. Refreshing 🙂

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