Black/brown casual kicks

First a note about sneakers as footwear. I LOVE sneakers as casual footwear, but am a little snobbish in that I feel like if they’re runners, well, they belong in the gym and are more function than fashion.  This is JUST my opinion, and you can of course, do whatever makes you feel comfy!

I own more casual footwear than I should, and I’m going to start showing what I like for basic black and brown options in this department.

When I was 11 years old I got my first pair of Adidas Sambas. I got them because the cool kids (the “older” boys) at the summer camp I went to had them and well, you know, I wanted to be like them.  So I got some and they were totally comfy and awesome and for years people asked if I played soccer.  And then, somewhere in the 90’s Sambas became really cool footwear and have pretty much been readily available as casual wear since then, and became available in more styles and colors.  Ever since 1988 I’ve ALWAYS had a pair of the original black and white Sambas, and they’re my go to for black casual sneakers/footwear.

As for brown? Lately I’ve been wearing Onitsuka Tigers by Asics. I couldn’t find my exact  color combo but they make lots, and usually a brown version!  Just like the Sambas, these are a really casual, really comfortable shoe.

Both of them are fairly neutral as footwear – they won’t take away from any part of the outfit you’re wearing, they look good, and aren’t shouting (which sometimes isn’t a bad thing and we’ll get to that at a later date,) ” hey, look at my amazing shoes!” They just blend really really well.

What kind of casual footwear do you like to wear?


10 Responses to “Black/brown casual kicks”

  1. I love the Onitsuka Tigers as well. I have them in tweed, with green and (non-obnoxious) orange stripes. I’ve been meaning to get a pair of the Sambas.

    I know I have to turn in my dyke card for admitting this, but: I’ve never owned a pair of Converse or Vans. They just aren’t my style.

  2. We just discovered this brand for the tomboy. They’re vegan, apparently, but very handsome in person!

  3. black chuck taylors are my go to casual, but also have way too many Campers to choose from, I kind of like my shoes to pop

  4. Unfortunately I have to go with running shoes as casual wear. I have a seriously messed up foot, and if I don’t wear appropriate foot wear, I risk another stress fracture. I so wish that I could wear the low converse all-stars because I really like the way they look, but I’m stuck with my running shoes and orthopedic insoles. Yay.

    • And the SB needs to come clean on the fact that she pulled her Plantar Fasciatis (sp) muscle and has been wearing Keens and more supportive footwear (mostly) for the past week.

  5. I have that EXACT pair of asics and I LOVE love love them. I’m actually in the market for a new pair because mine are wearing out. I’m a big fan of low top converse chuck taylors. Black or white. I have a pair of white ones that I rock quite often. I’m also a big fan of low-top Nikes.

  6. At the moment, my most passionate shoe-affair is between me and a pair of purple suede Supra TK Societies. They’ve been my dream high-top for awhile, and my sweetie (ever-loving fashion-queer that she is) scored them for me from a local second hand store for 25 bucks!

    They are absolutely scrumptious. I love that when I walk down the street n them, I can catch glances from all the butch and man-type folk who have the same shoe-lust as I do.

    They are not all-weather shoes, though. And they are certainly a ‘hey look at my shoooooooeees’ sort of shoe. They make me feel like the hottest thing walking down the street!

  7. I’m all about the White Uptowns (AKA Nike Air Force 1’s). They just make any casual outfit look polished in my opinion.

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