I got my flippie floppies

It’s true, I do. I love flip flops and summer footwear. Before I get into the sartorial portion of this post, I have to admit that my favorite flip flops are a pair of 3$ ones that I got at Cliff’s Variety in the Castro around 4 years ago that are black but have colored stripes in the side part of the footbed. They’re almost worn out but are so comfy and I love them so they get to stay for dog walks and quick trips to the supermarket.  They are not acceptable (for me) going out footwear, and this post is not a do/don’t, just a what I like/don’t like – and you can take it from there.

It’s easiest for me to start with what I don’t like.  In big, bold, huge letters, I DO NOT LIKE (because hate is a strong word) BIRKENSTOCKS.

I know that they’re comfy. And I know that people swear by them. I just think they’re pretty horrendous.  Again, if you like ’em, go for it. I don’t think there’s anything classy about them, and mostly they just scream lesbian or European tourist to me. Especially when worn with socks. Which, I know you don’t need the reminder, but you should NEVER do that.

I also don’t like the kinds of sandals that are barely air-conditioned shoes. Like these, from Born:

In the category of “outdoorsy” sandals, or sandals that provide more support than flip flops do, I don’t like Tevas.

I actually own a pair of these and have kept them probably because they were kind of expensive (and if you want them, they’re yours,) but I don’t find them to be terribly comfortable, and don’t offer the kind of support and function that I’d like an “active” sandal to provide.

For outside summer activities which may or may not involve me jumping into a river or lake, I REALLY like Keen sandals.  I know that I’ve talked about how much I like their shoes, but the first pair of Keens that I had were sandals.  I am completely icked out by bugs and icky things like wet seaweed and river beds. These are PERFECT for keeping my feet away from such items, and also, the toe is covered which protects my feet when I’m biking or climbing up river banks. They also dry very very fast, which is a bonus.

Now for form instead of function.  There’s no reason why you can’t rock a really nice pair of flip flops as going out wear during the summer. I’m partial to leather, either black or brown, for this type of flip flop. Paired with jeans or khaki’s and a button down shirt rolled up to the elbow this kind of footwear makes for a really stylish, classic casual look.

These are made by Chaco, but I also really love these from Cobian:

I also think that this offering, from Puma, are really fun, and I can see myself wearing them while on a deck or boat or rooftop with a frosty beverage in my hand while watching the sun set.

One thing to pay attention to when selecting flip flops is how they really fit your feet. Often times they’re really flat, with very little arch support, which is really not great for your feet, and will likely leave you feeling not so great after wearing or walking in them for a long time.  I had to ditch my “but they’re just flip flops!!” pricing mantra a few years back when I realized that by spending a few extra bucks, I was buying a pair of shoes that don’t hurt and last for more than a few months.

Additionally, there are SO many different kinds and colors of flip flops to choose from, you’re practically guaranteed to find a pair that you will be the unique owners of in your town, and you can definitely find some that perfectly express your personal style.

What’s your favorite summer shoe option? Do you LOVE a pair that I hate? Tell me why!


12 Responses to “I got my flippie floppies”

  1. Summer footwear vexes me. I’m not a fan of the thong toe thing– so i find it hard to find a decent summer sandal. I have a pair of Keen Catalinas, which are oldish but holding up well. I generally wear tennis shoes and driving mocs without socks all summer.

  2. Gaulden Says:

    Check out OluKai Flip Flops. They are high end leather flops that feel incredible. I ❤ your blog SB!

  3. Just wondering–do you not like *all* Tevas, or just the pair in the pic? I have a pair in a style that is very similar to the Keen pic, with the closed heel & toe that I really like. But the kind in your photo, that’s all strappy and no support–I dislike those too, in any brand.

    BTW–the term “air-conditioned shoe” reallly struck my funny bone. Thanks.

    It’s also good to know that there *are* comfortable flip-flops out there. I will take heart, and continue the search.

    • mostly just the pair in the pic, though I’m not really a fan of shoes that have velcro on them.

      I do quite enjoy Teva flip flops, though they are a little too smooshy for my feet.

  4. Can’t do flip-flops with the between-the-toe thing, so for casual wear I LOVE Tevas in the summer. I can walk miles in them, do light and moderate hiking, wade into water, and pretty much everything non-extreme. I find my Keens a bit too sweaty, and agree with your assessment of Birks and “air-conditioned shoes”.

  5. i love keens too– i’ve been looking into the flips as well, and ready for a new pair of sandals.

    great rating and reading.

  6. Agree on all counts about the Birks, Tevas and “air-conditioned” sandals., but don’t have any good recommendations. I am also vexed! A good pair of flip flops is definitely worth investing in, however.

  7. You should do a blog on boat shoes, I mean, if you want. Puma makes kickass topsiders. Way cooler than the old school leather Sperry type. Good post.

  8. Now that you’ve broken out the sandals, I’d love to see a post on proper footcare– something I think too many lesbians neglect. Do you get butch peddies?

  9. I love my keens, pretty much the same style as the ones you’ve pictured. I wear them around town, around the yard, to garden in, to go for walks in, to go on vacation in, ride my bike in. Very versatile, hardy, comfortable and I can hose them out if I get grunge in them. I also have some Berks for less casual summer occasions, parties and work. I’m not a flip flop person, though my wife lives in hers.

  10. Okay so I was digging through your archives to see if I’d sized my (very first pair!) of men’s shoes right, and it turns out we wear the same size. I just tried them on this morning, (these beautiful Aldo oxfords http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003VRUWPW/ref=oss_product ) and there’s still a lot of room in the toe, though they seem to fit me otherwise. Is that normal?

    Also, if you still don’t want those sandals, I’m down to the last bit of sole between me and the ground in my last pair and I would be forever grateful if you sent them my way.

    Also also, I have a pair of Vibram Five-Fingers, and I love them to death. Try hiking in them! But oh god don’t forget the gold bond, those things can hold a stink like you wouldn’t believe.

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