I’m up for something new

Last night I was strolling through the mall while waiting for the engraver to finish up with a butch bud birthday gift,  and there were some Alfani knit ties on clearance at Macy’s.  I kind of had some immediate flashback to my eighth grade English teacher’s wardrobe, but that aside, decided that I could rock this look.

I bought the tie, and thought about what I could pair with it as I finished my shopping.  I thought that this kind of tie could dress up casual, and dress down dressy – and I was right.  I’ve paired it with a white cotton button down shirt and khaki’s – but I know that when I get home tonight and shuck the khaki’s in exchange for jeans that I’m going to look pretty well put together when I head out for some fun times tonight.

So, even though a co-worker asked if I decided to go to work at the airport, I’m still rocking this look, and liking it a lot. I may even go back for some more ties!

For futher casualness, I went with an open collar and a 4-over hand knot – and may MAY even go untucked later. Livin’ like a rebel today.

Do you rock knit ties?


7 Responses to “I’m up for something new”

  1. LOVE a knit tie. When I saw Sir Michael Cain kicking back in his on Nerdboyfriend.com (Mar 31 post) I fell like a first time lover. I think y’all look both dapper and relaxed in them, which is the quintessential butch combo of appeal, if you ask this ladyperson. I also enjoy the interesting juxtaposition of a once overwhelmingly understood-to-be preppy piece against the body of someone so-not-conventional.


  2. Looks great!

  3. It really begs for windsor knot. The 4-in-hand always takes casual down to sloppy. then you can leave it loose and it hangs evenly, perfectly, fully, right under the collar.

  4. Crap i hit return too fast…. i would also love to see windsor with those jaunty pockets. Maybe I am just a symmetry snob.

    • I’m not so sure – I’m a symmetry freak too but I really enjoyed the casualness of that knot and open collar combination. Next time I’ll do it different and see which works better.

  5. I love rebels!

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