Putting the mack down…

It’s been a really long long long day at work, but I’m in that incredible goofy place where all I’m thinking about today is the SL and how I can’t WAIT to get home.  Over the holidays she bought me a peppermint scented massage candle that sat idle until a few weeks ago when I was having some serious muscle pain that really needed to be worked out.  I also had in my arsenal a “coupon” for a “free” body massage that I felt it was time to cash in on.

Oh. My. I’m usually not too patient about things like massages, but I really needed to have some body work done and so I wasn’t actually expecting the experience to move on to anything else but…woah.

I like most things wax to begin with but this was a totally different experience.  It smelled good, was not “hot,” but definitely warm and felt SO good on my skin. It was easily absorbed, wasn’t too oily, and I managed to sit still for almost 40 minutes before I….couldn’t take any more massaging.

Why am I telling you quasi intimate details of my relationship? Because I want you to have this joy too.  I can’t remember the brand of candle we have, but I’m about 100% sure that your local toy store will have some, I know mine carried this line from Jimmyjane:

I’m really into pepperminty scented and flavored things, but I know that they’re available in many different scents, and even non-scented for those of you who avoid that kind of thing. They do NOT have to be expensive, and for you crafty types, there are tons of recipes on the web to make them yourself.

Tonight, I get home late but I’m just holding on to a little sliver of hope that she’ll allow me to repay the favor…..


2 Responses to “Putting the mack down…”

  1. these candles are the best–

  2. i love this story.

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