More admission of failing…

Ok, so, yeah, I AM planning a wedding and a trip to NYC and a trip to Asia and trying to actually get by doing my day job but that doesn’t excuse that I’ve been lax on posting the last two weeks. I’m working on some new stuff, so it IS coming…..

But I also know that some of it? Some of it is because I haven’t taken any pictures of myself because I am so beyond needing a haircut. Really. I mean, part of it is because my stylist went to Hawaii w/o asking but still, I could’ve gone before she left. Or I could have gone to someone else….but, well, they’re expensive, and I’ve been budgeting. Also, I wanted it to look its best for 1)the Butch Fashion Show I’m going to be in and also, 2)A local nightclub’s Morrissey birthday party. Vain, I know.

So, to make up for it? I’ll show you my failing. I call this “butch with curls.”

I know it’s BEYOND haircut time because the SL noted that she could actually really get a good grip on it, which is um, well, a little hot, but still, not worth keeping it long for. Also, none of the products that I have and love work in it the right way. Gah!

So. Wednesday. Sigh. Still seems a long way away.


2 Responses to “More admission of failing…”

  1. I think it’s cute, just not what we’re used to 🙂

  2. Cut that Jewfro! 😉

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