One more piece if you stay a while

A quick tale of a great shopping adventure I had this week.   I have a wedding to attend next weekend, and then my own in the fall, and I needed at least one, but likely two new suits.  I overheard my co-workers (male) talking about a buy one, get one for $100 suit sale that Men’s Warehouse was having.

Honestly, I was quite skeptical about a chain of stores like that. I don’t know why, I mean clearly I have no problem going into Macy’s and doing my thing there. And I thought it might have to do with them being a men’s only store, as in they only carry dress-wear for men – but there are a few indie local men’s only stores in my town that I love to frequent, even if I can’t always afford their goods.

So, with quite a bit of trepidation I went to Men’s Warehouse on Wednesday afternoon of last week.  My thoughts were that I would check them out, and if they treated me well, then, I’m a sucker for great service  and I’d do business there.  Really – it’s worth it to pay more for good service, even if you pay more than you know you might have elsewhere, I’m a true believer in this. Anyway,  I’d seen this AWESOME Calvin Klein linen suit online.

I knew they carried it, and it was exactly the color I wanted to have for my wedding, which is…uh, creeping up on me. So, I went. And I hung around kind of looking at stuff (I found my CK suit immediately and crossed it off the list as I didn’t like the linen weave as much as I thought I would) for about 5 minutes when this larger older man wearing a bow tie asked if I was being helped and what he could do for me.  I told him what I was looking for, what I thought my sizes were, and what I was looking to avoid – things like big shoulder pads, and really boxy suits.

He smiled, took me over to a section of the store, and off we went. The first suit he picked was a Calvin Klein all season suit – it was gray, with a “tick” to it – a weave that I knew I thought looked sharp. It wasn’t totally outrageous (I did try out a pretty funky blue with brown square suit but it was a little “over” for me) and it fit. So. Nice.  I mean, it was slightly tight around the belly, and a little bunchy at the back of the neck, but I liked it. But it was kind of above my price range (I’d wanted to spend $500 on two) but like I said, I’m ok paying more for good service, so we put it on the “maybe” list, and moved on.  Tried a few more suits – a DKNY one that was nice, a Jones NY one that was ok….but there was something about the CK one and I knew it was a keeper.

Additionally, I told my sales consultant (Joe) about my wedding, and the color I was looking for, and immediately he brought over this gorgeous Joseph and Feiss silk suit.

I knew it was what I wanted immediately.  It felt SO good to touch it. I also knew that he didn’t have my size, but it didn’t matter, he’d order it and I could buy it today – we’d alter it around the wedding in case my size changed between now and then.

We next went to try on the pants. The CK suit is a European cut, which is great for many female bodies, including mine, but they are cut a little small in the pants – but no problem, their tailor could handle it. Then he went and found me a pair of men’s shoes in my size so that the tailor could mark up the suit. A lovely woman came out and like it was no thang took 2 minutes, to chalk up the cuffs, the sides where she was going to adjust things a bit, and the back/neck where she was going to fix the bunching issue. AWESOME. Yes, the tailoring will cost a bit more, but, if you get a suit tailored at Men’s Warehouse they will alter it for free, no matter what the reason, whenever in the future.

So, I left about an hour after arriving, and bought two suits.  I spent about $115 more than I’d intended and I left a very very happy camper. I learned more about suits, knew more about what looked good on me, and had just a terrific experience. I can’t promise that my time there wasn’t exclusive to the New England fairly liberal city that I live in, but I certainly have no hesitation recommending the Men’s Warehouse to all of my butch brothers out there.

This is me in the new suit jacket (before alteration marks – I’ll get you some “after” shots in a few weeks) when we were trying stuff on. I have no idea why I look so angry, I was having a great time!

I know that Harrison got a suit a little while back – anyone else have some good suit buying experiences??

6 Responses to “One more piece if you stay a while”

  1. I just hit Men’s Wearhouse for the first time – renting a tux for a “prom.” I was way nervous, and they were fantastic. My girl and I went in together, and they were great to both of us and seemed totally unfazed. Their biggest concern seemed to be that I ought to have come in sooner, instead of two days before the event. I’ll definitely go back, with no reservations. For reference, I’m in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

  2. I’ve had some butch pals out here in Portland, OR say the same types of things about really good experiences at Men’s Wearhouse – absolutely NO attitude, and super helpful.

  3. Gaulden Says:

    I had a good experience at Men’s Wearhouse for the Second Chance Prom in MS. They were very helpful and knowledgeable and in Alabama that is rare for a butch girl to find. Your information about a European cut is great. I have trouble because I need an Executive cut (see Portly) and so my instore choices are limited. I will definitely buy/rent from them in the future.

  4. I’ve also had good experiences with Men’s Warehouse. I rented a tux from there for my wedding (got fitted in Cleveland but picked it up in DC).

    I did get some snide remarks at another tux store in Cleveland, but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it right now.

  5. […] two-piece Jones New York Elements tux she bought from Men’s Wearhouse (guided by advice from Sartorial Butch) was a pocket square cut from the same fabric as Shelly’s dress.  That square was ably folded by […]

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