I’m too sexy

It feels like forever ago, but it wasn’t THAT long – two weeks ago I did a butch fashion show, called “Sartorial Summer” at Re/Dress NYC.  The wonderful Bevin had told me early in May that she’d named the show in part due to my blog, and well, plans just exploded from there. I talked a little bit about being confident and kind, which I wrote a bit more about on Butch-femme.com this week also.

I have to be completely honest – talking in front of people petrifies me.  As does even the THOUGHT of modelling, down a runway, for ANYONE other than, well, you know, making fun of modelling in my own house in my boxers.  But as this has been the year of grabbing life by the horns, I thought, why not.  Plus, it meant I got to hug my mom really quick like, and get some REALLY good deli food.

I digress. The event was awesome and the store was PACKED and I had some surprise visitors from across the Hudson, AND also got to see some friends that I’d not had the pleasure of seeing in a looong time. But really? I was so so nervous.  I did get to meet some awesome new folks, including DapperQ! Here are two pics from the event taken by Jeep Wheat (thanks!)

I love the funny faces I’m making. Not. I don’t know how that happened, that must just be my model face. I kind of like how it looks like Bevin is posing with me in the shot, rather than me just walking by which is what actually happened.

Those are in fact my kicks. My favoritist pair.

Anyway, it was a great time, and a great learning experience for me. AND I had fun.

Up next? The new suit came out SO good. I’m so so pleased with it, and am scrounging for photos to show you!

What’s new in your wardrobe?


2 Responses to “I’m too sexy”

  1. I wish I had something awesome new in my wardrobe, but I do not. I wore my brown linen suit today and decided it’s time to pass it on to the thrift store– it is too middle-age lady for me to feel comfortable or confident in. It’s time for me to get something cut way more masculine.

  2. Not technically new, but i’ve not had much call to wear it. Yet. It’s a tweed three piece suit i got from savvy row, an ebay uk shop. Obviously designed for a tubby, short rabid tory (who probably died in it) but i don’t care as i like dressing in a way that is the opposite of my personal politics – it needed no altering at all.
    Bird Club Butch Femme Throwback Ball

    Also, a flickr set of ‘exemplary butch attire’ that i found myself added to, via the photographer skull_bone who’s a friend of mine

    Bird Club Butch Femme Throwback Ball

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