In the name of experimentation

I so love footwear. And uh, I had to try these Vibram Five Finger (hahaha. Five finger. Hahahaha. Ok, 12 y/o moment over) shoes on. I did. In some crazy, sports equipment whore moment, I thought I might need to have them.  No, Really.

See? I did. And well. They’re weird. I don’t think I could run in them. They’re…funny looking.  They’re really hard to actually get on your foot.  They offer no support whatsoever, which I understand is the point, but for me? Not so much. Maybe if I take up yoga again…….


7 Responses to “In the name of experimentation”

  1. yah my flattish feet didn’t really vibe well with those things…interesting idea though

  2. I have a pair (the sprints). I run in them (not long distance, but anything less than 6 miles). I walk around my city in them. I go to the mall in them. I LOVE THEM. It’s like being barefoot but without the fear of shards of glass getting lodged in the bottoms of my feet. The only downside: sometimes people laugh at me. I recommend them but maybe not the green and silver ones (a little mermaid-esque if you ask me). I’ve got them in black. I usually substitute them for the times I would have previously worn flip flops. They are much better for your back, posture and gait than trying to drag along often times heavy footwear by a small piece of fabric lodged between two toes.

  3. Sharona Says:

    Are you a lighter-shoe runner to begin with, Garrett?

    I’m tempted to try Five Fingers but can’t get a sense of how they’d work for orthotic-needing (but not motion control- or stability-needing) feet.

    • Garrett Says:

      I run longer distances and races in my asics gel nimbus 11 (on my 3rd pair). I’m big for a runner…180 lbs and therefore need/enjoy a lot of gel cushion under my feet. I usually only run in them once a week…and am seeing great benefit in doing that. I feel much more stable when I run in regular running shoes. I think it’s because they are helping develop strength in my feet and calves more than my asics allow for. I’d encourage you to try them out 🙂

  4. So, I read your stuff often, but rarely comment (or maybe never), but I had to say, the photo scared the shit out of me. Why is that? But then I laughed and had the same 12 year old moment with you. haha five finger.

  5. Those look like sci-fi costuming from some future James Cameron film, not useable footwear. Are they intended for kayaking?

  6. Gaulden Says:

    I have a pair of sprints and I love them too! Please read “Born To Run” by Christopher McDougall. These shoes are fantastic and they even make a dress/outdoor version made of kangaroo leather.

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