Butch Bags

Ok, so I admit in addition to shoes, I kind of am a bag whore as well. I rarely carry a bag on a day to day, (except my lunch bag which goes in a canvas grocery store bag) or even for going out, so I don’t quite understand my yen for bags, however, there are far more important questions I’m working on answering so this will have to go to the backburner.

I know that in the (relative near) future I’m likely going to need to carry around more stuff with me, just to make life easier.  Once again, in the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit that while I abhor the notion of “femme as accessory” I know that I have often counted on my partners to carry my stuff in their purses and bags because, well, you know.  Never heavy stuff – usually just keys and gum and depending on the pants maybe my phone.  But when I’m pressed to carry more stuff with me, like if we’re going on a picnic, bike ride, or I’m going somewhere overnight or to do some work with my laptop “off site” I grab one of my trusty bags.

Most often, I grab my Israeli Army Paratrooper bag. It just fits an outfit plus my laptop, or provisions for a picnic. It’s canvas which means when I spill on it I can just throw it in the wash.  I’ve had mine for well over a decade and it has served me very very well. I think it cost around $12 a decade ago -no idea what they run for now, but I’m certain you can still get them at most Army/Navy stores.  My only note of caution is that the straps are thin and can sometimes dig in to the shoulder if worn for a long time, or if really really packed full of stuff. Yes, there’s an extra pad for the strap, but there’s no padding, and it tends to roll up over the straps.Next up? Work work work. Love black leather. Love bags. Love black leather briefcase. Nuff said. This one came from Grafea Leather Designs in the UK. Love this bag. And um, it’s way nicer than mine, but…perhaps a mini covet on this one.

Third up is my NEXT bag. I’m going to special order a medium sized messenger bag from Timbuk2 in just a few months. I have ALWAYS liked these bags, and owned a small sized one years ago that I somehow lost in a break up, but man are they tough. Totally worth the price tag – and I like that you can really personalize your own bag, with the ability to choose colors for each panel, trim, and interior set up. LOVE. Did I mention how much I want one? Yeah….

Ok – Your turn. What do you tote around with you? Do you use a daily butch bag?


17 Responses to “Butch Bags”

  1. I also lost my Timbuk2 bag in a break-up, and although I’m sad it’s gone, it was too big for my everyday needs. Since I don’t like a wallet in my back pocket much of the time, and like to have gum, cell phone, iPod Touch, car keys and a pen along, I use a small black nylon Eddie Bauer bag. It has lots of pockets and does the job nicely while not looking like any kind of purse!

  2. I have a couple of the Timbuk2 commuter messenger bags with the laptop sleeve and a plain old Timbuk2 messenger bag. They are pretty fantastic and bomber tough. They are waterproof which means no fritzed out laptop while riding in the rain. Also a handy trick I learned, the models without a laptop sleeve are waterproof on the inside as well meaning you can fill it with ice, snacks, and beverages for a handy on the go cooler.

  3. I, too, am a bag fanatic. I enjoy large colorful messengers for my work and everyday use. Some of my favorite brands include Crumpler, Timbuk 2 (the original bag obsession from over a decade ago), Chrome bags (sort of huge, but I love how tough they are…dare I say it…even tougher than Timbuk 2s), Brenthaven (my latest every day bag, even if it *was* desiged as a laptop bag originally), and Jack Spade, which is both professional looking and durable without having to shell out *quite* as much as you would for a leather bag.

  4. recently acquired a bigger camera and often take it out on photo sprees and to demos, thus needing a camera bag, but I don’t like how regular camera bags look and they seem kind of pretentious to me, so I looked around and found a very cool LUG mini messenger in navy blue which works great, sadly my friends are terribly amused by referring to it as a murse or man bag or man purse, really just to wind me up. I just keep telling myself I AM fag enough for a murse so f off (and might dig my larger camo messenger bag out soon).

  5. I carry a grey Patagonia messenger bag – the largest one they made when I bought it. It fits my sleeved laptop, my screenplays and food and clothes so it is a great bag for taking on the set or onto an airplane since it’s ginormous but also fits underneath the seat. I’ve had it for 7 or 8 years now and it’s still going strong.

  6. I have the Timbuk2 that you have pictured (same colors) and I love it. I’ve had it for around 4 years and it looks brand new. I’m constantly amazed by how waterproof it is. I once took it on a canoe with an expensive camera inside. It sat on the floor of the boat which filled with several inches of water. The camera and the rest of the contents were unharmed. Huzzah!

  7. Garrett Says:

    I carry a black messenger bag from Coach. It is nylon with tan stitching and silver buckles and about 42 sexy pockets. It is so sexy that my non-consumerist, Women’s and Gender studies professing, semi-hippie thesis advisor commented on it’s sexiness the first day I was carrying it and happened to be in her office. I got a bad ass job with this bag. I lent it to my friend so she could go get a bad ass job with this bag. It’s so sexy and powerful that we call it the “job gettin bag”. It has been worth every single penny I paid for it…and it cost a LOT of pennies but this just goes to show you that if you invest in a great bag it’ll probably pay itself back by helping you (and your friends) get bad ass jobs.

  8. oh hai bags ❤

    i carry a timbuk2 that i've had for years– i also love the super tough cordura and the waterproof inside… best $100 I ever spent because I've been using it every day for almost 8 years.

    I have a wonderful cordovan leather satchel that i carry on dressier occasions, and i have a couple of Manhattan Portage dj sized messenger bags that I've had for a few years.

    i'll report back on Garrett's Coach sexy bag's job getting skills– i'm the friend who just borrowed it. 😀

  9. gypsygrrl Says:

    they have a pride special edition of the timbuk2 bag which i sorely covet. since i am moving soon, looks like i may have to wait on my timbuk2 bag ~ but thanks for reviewing and saying they are worth the price tag ~~~ when i finally get to buy one 🙂

  10. Another Timbuk2 owner here. I use mine mostly for travelling, because I got one of the giant ones. Yep, sturdy as hell several years later. For my next Serious Bag I want one from Chrome. Also, Ben Sherman has some more professional looking bags that I’m eyeing.

  11. Ive got a Crumpler messenger that’s pretty nifty..try to stay away from leather or go with a vegan leather alternative for bags/belts


  12. I second Ben Sherman. I have a gray/green canvas Ben Sherman vertical messenger bag I carry to work and for general occasions. I can fit all my essentials and gadgets in there plus my 10″ netbook if needed. Also it snaps, so I can get into it without telling everyone in the room that I just opened my bag (unlike velcro).

    I have a Timbuktu bag and it’s definitely rugged, but it’s so heavy! It’s a very sport-looking bag, so I can’t take it to work or out for the night. But it’s certainly a worthwhile option if you need something tough and utilitarian. I got it to use on my bike rides.

  13. @Garrett Is this Coach bag called the varick mini messenger? It sounds like it would be great for my partner Van, although I’m sure I’ll still end up carrying her keys and phone when we go out!


  14. expensive bags i think 🙂

  15. I rock a Nightmare Before Christmas mini-messenger bag. My friends have teased me mercilessly about my “purse”, but I don’t care because I love it. I would like to find a new, larger bag though as my little bag is starting to come apart.

  16. When i decided to take the plunge, i opted to build my own. Timbuk2 gave me the option of material, color, and pattern options, as well as accessories. I had also read that the custom bags are assembled in San Francsco, CA. I liked the fact that I could get a bag made in the USA

  17. Oh yeh. Bags. Mmm!! I have an nguni cowhide briefcase for those smart (yet always alt) business things, a diesel messenger style one for casual…a grey leather soviet manbag…uh yeh…etc…

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