Something to look forward to…

As some of you know, my partner and I just bought our first home, and actually moved yesterday. Hence the no access, and no brain power to actually post something real. But someday, SOMEDAY, when we have “disposable” cash again, I’m going to appreciate the AWESOME sale that Brooks Brothers is having right now.

Hat tip to Bee for finding this totally FANTASTICAL zip up cardigan. I want it so so so badly that I almost want to jump in my car and head to the BB’s factory outlet store that is 20 minutes north of here and see if there’s any more deals…..

….maybe we don’t need cable in our new house??


4 Responses to “Something to look forward to…”

  1. I heart argyle.

  2. Hi here, long time lurker.
    Cut the cable. No, seriously cut it, you’ll save a bunch and you can Netflix all the TV shows that you want to watch.

  3. IMO avoid anything in the 346 line from BB. I LOVE BB traditional fit shirts and wear them almost exclusively, but the 346 line leaves something to be desired. Most of the shirts are the non-iron variety, which I find unacceptable, but might work for you. I think that they tend toward a slick some say plastic, feel. The retail stores often have 25% off so you might want to check there to see if anything works for you. Cheers!

  4. I love the cardigan!

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