Fresh for Fall…

Yeah, I said it. Fall. I mean, there’s a few weeks of summer left, technically, but technically means nothing in Northern New England. So…Fall.

Ok – Yes, I know, it was 100 degrees here less than 2 weeks ago and it was in the upper 40’s last night and that is in fact grossly unfair but it is what it is, and we need to deal with it.

We’re mostly unpacked in our new home, which is nice, but it’s now time to do the big changeover from summer to winter clothes and for your friend SB it means taking out the sweaters and sweater vests, shaking them out, seeing what needs dry-cleaning or just needs to be hung up, and getting on with it.

In thinking about what is going to be “hot” for ME this winter, I’ve decided a few things. As much as I LOVE all things argyle, I’m starting to feel as if it’s been done a bit much for the past 2 or 3 seasons – so, I have been actively looking for differently patterned fabrics and cool solids for fall.

I LOVE this marled cotton cardi from J. Crew.

Additionally, I also really really like this (obviously more casual)  knit shawl pullover from Urban Outfitters.

I also came across this plaid print v-neck sweater at Banana Republic that I really like as well:

And finally, I leave you with this awesome military mock-neck from the Gap –

I really really love the possibilities that come with a sweater like this – casual with jeans, or more dressed up for work – either way this is the kind of sweater that jives perfectly with my personal style – and what I’m aiming towards for this season.

What kind of stuff are YOU liking for fall?


2 Responses to “Fresh for Fall…”

  1. sloppydelicious Says:

    FYI, Banana Republic is 25% through midnight tomorrow (9/14)-

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