Rubber Ducky….you’re the one…

Ok, so I admit it. I have a rubber ducky. He does make bath time lots of fun. When I actually have time to take a bath –  which isn’t often.  That said, I do love shower time. I am one of those people who needs to have a shower in the morning before I can start my day and feel relatively good about myself and the world around me.

Typically, there are a few different shampoos/conditioners that I rotate through during the year (and yes, I keep dandruff shampoo in the rotation year round – for preventative measures) because I believe that your hair kind of gets used to one product and then you need to make a change.

Honestly, I don’t spend a whole ton of time or energy selecting shampoo/conditioner (pomade/wax/gel is a WHOLE other time suck) and often go with what smells good and is cheap.  However I was in the store last week and came across a new offering from American Crew – Citrus Mint shampoo/conditioner.

No joke, it’s like $10 a bottle. Each. Totally extravagant and spendy. But, I’d had a GREAT week at work and felt like I needed to do something nice to myself, and this wasn’t SO out of the realm of my budgetary constraints that I felt ok about it.  And it’s MINE. Just mine. Not that I have a problem sharing hair cleansing product with the Sartoriallove, but it is nice to have separate stuff as well. And I use SO little that these two bottles should last till – Christmas? Thanksgiving at least. So, for about $3 a month I can have really awesome hair cleaning supplies.

This shampoo is great. The smell is not overpowering in either citrus or mint, and is pleasant, and it gets my hair to the point of just under squeaky clean (I’m not a huge fan of squeaky squeaky – but I like clean) and there’s just the slightest bit of tingle. I kind of like tingle in my shampoo – I once used Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap exclusively just for the tingle – but then I got tingle in a place that was a little bit too much for me and since then I’ve backed off…..but this is another subject entirely.

Annnyway, on to the conditioner – which is clean rinsing, does not leave my hair feeling greasy or oily at all, and for my thick crazy hair makes it feeling tangle free (ok, so I don’t have hair long enough to get tangles, but this FEELS really good after so it’s the best word I could think of) and ready to be coiffed.

What are you using to clean/condition your hair? Why do you like it??


5 Responses to “Rubber Ducky….you’re the one…”

  1. Focus21 Sea Plasma shampoo, because it smells just like the beach, with a hint of suntan lotion and coconut oil, and a salty, fresh tang. It’s aromatherapy in the shower. Also Woody’s Surf Shampoo, which is all lovely and sandalwoody and cedary. And Oribe conditioner, which costs an utterly insane $45 or something like that, but I use the tiniest bit of it, so one container lasts me a year. Since I bleach and dye my hair, it pays to have a really good conditioner.
    ‘m still lookin for the perfect pomade. I like Cool Grease, but it’s a little heavy for every day. And I have some Bed Head Texture Dirt, which works just a little too well at giving your hair that not-freshly-laundered look. It’s great on the first day, but I try not to wash my hair more than once every three days (to preserve the color) and by day three it’s definitely looking like I need to spend more time on personal grooming. If you have hair goop suggestions, I’m all ears.

  2. I normally use anything from Pantene, to Herbal Essences, Tre Semme….or however you spell that fancy stuff’s name. However, upon reading your post about the American Crew ‘Citrus Mint’ I had a flashback to a salon/barber shop back in Seattle that used it and I thought, ‘Oh my God! How could’ve I forgotten that stuff??’ Like you said, it is $10 a bottle but the way I look at it, I have short boy hair and that bottle will last awhile…so it is totally worth it. Mmmmm, minty fresh!

  3. i enjoy redken for men– i usually use go clean because i like the way it leaves my hair and the smell goes really well with my body oils. but i have switched to redken clean spice, good tingle and smell. they also have a mint.

    i have used american crew before i enjoy their products. i switch every few months.

    glad to see you are writing again, i’ve missed your posts.

  4. i don’t know how i missed this before. i use the same shampoo.

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