Insta-shoe Lust

Did I mention I’m getting married in just over 2 weeks? Holy crap. Anyway, my love chose a pair of Fluevog heels that she ordered on-line. And they came and she hated the color. Hated. So we had to go to the store on Newberry Street in Boston to find some suitable replacements. Which we did. But then I saw these:

And I knew I had to have them. And now they are on my feet all warm and soft and comfy.

What’s your impulse fashion buy of the Fall?


7 Responses to “Insta-shoe Lust”

  1. My impulse buy turned out to really be a ‘replacement’ buy since a so-called friend of mine lost my mirrored, aviator Ray Bans. I had only purchased them two months before so needless to say they didn’t last long.

    Part of me thinks they weren’t meant to be. I found myself casually shopping at the International Mall in Tampa one day and fell in LOVE with these sleek black ‘Persol’ sunglasses at Sunglasses Hut. $205 later they were snuggling on my face and I wondered why I hadn’t gone for them in the first place. You know that pair that you try on once and immediately know they’re for you?

    These were them….now we are a happy couple. Sorry Ray Bans, you have been replaced.

  2. Thank you!! Why didn’t the initial comment post?

  3. um, I bought underwear… I know – somebody stop me!

  4. Two great purchases this fall…custom shirts at a great price at They are awesome – it’s so cool to have men’s shirts that fit. and a pair of Penquin Black Cap Toe shoes…

  5. Wow, I love the butch shoes. What is the brand name, where do I buy some?

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