New Hardware

So, I mentioned that I did a big thing last month – got married.  And with that, I get to wear some new hardware. Our rings were custom made by Brent Williams in Topsham, Maine. I’d seen the rings in his Etsy shop, and thought they were awesome, but kind of pricey to just get through the internet. And then I found out that he had a shop less than a half hour from my house, and so we went.  My ring has the SartorialLove’s index finger wrapped around the outside of the ring, and hers has my prints wrapped on the inside of the ring.

I kind of love looking down and seeing a reminder of her, multiple times daily. And sometimes if I fall asleep with it on, I have her prints pushed into my face for a few minutes after I wake up too. I love running my fingers over the raised ridges of her print – a tactile reminder as well.  I also like it because it’s masculine (the size is 7mm,) and kind of butchly (to me, and that’s what matters,) and sentimental at the same time.

What’s your most sentimental jewelery?

7 Responses to “New Hardware”

  1. what cool rings 🙂 although i wear two heavy silver rings from my gf, possibly even m0re sentimental to me is the first real present she gave me – a silver spiral on a thong. she hardly knew me at the time and it was the most unbelievably perfect thing she could have given me.

  2. I don’t really have any sentimental jewelry that I still wear. I do own a couple of rings from past partners, but know I’ll never wear one of them again, and the other will just take some time.

  3. Matching leather cuff bracelets that my partner and I wear. And other than that, I have a few…um…let’s say peaCOCK rings that I’ve grown attached to over the years 🙂

    • That’s awesome Goldie. I have a tattoo that I was given for our engagement that I’m quite fond of as well, though the SL preferred the more traditional ring:)

      PS: You’re missed up here.

  4. Dude, that’s SO CUTE!! I just got my titanium, satin finish wedding band from an etsy seller toooo! I wish I’d known about this finger print thing, though– that’s so cool! Maybe for the 5 year anniversary? Thanks for the tips, as always, SB.

  5. Wow, those rings are so neat!

  6. My most sentimental jewelry came from my uncle and aunt just before I left for Coast Guard boot camp. It was Memorial Day 2003 and my Uncle Sonny wanted to take me to the unveiling of the St. Michael statue and Memorial Day ceremony at the cemetery in our hometown. The ceremony takes place every year but the unveiling of the statue was a new addition and it was hand carved by a little old Italian sculptor who doesn’t speak a lick of English. My uncle speaks Italian fluently and my whole family (mom’s side) are from Italy so it made it an even more special event. I was already all glossy eyed from the Veteran’s in uniform and the stars and stripes flowing in the wind so meeting this little old Italian man was just truly unique. My uncle and I admired the statue, talked to a few vets and we even got interviewed for the local paper in which my uncle boasted that he was beyond proud that I was joining the Coast Guard. After the ceremony, we headed to the part of the cemetery where my Nono (which is grandfather in Italian) and who was also my uncle’s father, was buried. He is buried in a wall inside a mausoleum so we headed inside quietly to pay our respects. While standing in front of my nono’s picture, my uncle pulled a jewelry box out of his pocket and handed it to me along with three Catholic prayer cards (St. Michael, Mary, and St. Christopher). I opened the box and there was a sterling silver Coast Guard/St. Christopher necklace nestled in the blue felt. I could only stare at it. I then looked at my uncle and choking back tears he told me that it would protect me and that if I ever felt like giving up in boot camp, just feel the necklace against my heart and know that I can go on. I cry now thinking about it. Probably one of the most special moments in my life. Seven years later serving in the Coast Guard and the necklace has not come off.

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