Butch Buys

So, I clearly suck at the post every day thing, but as the holidays are here (Happy Hanukkah to my Yid Butch friends) I thought I’d post some ideas for gifts that I’d be overjoyed to receive this year.

The first one actually isn’t one for me, as I prefer my scotch neat, but if your butch likes it on the rocks?  These are the awesome.

I think I’m going to get them for my father in-law for Christmas, and honestly I think they’re so cool that I may have to start drinking my scotch on the rocks.

What consumerific gift would make you smile this year?


6 Responses to “Butch Buys”

  1. I have a horrid time with blogging everyday myself so I feel your pain! Your blog rocks!

  2. oh, those are cool. though i’m not sure they wouldn’t be perfectly nice for someone who drinks theirs neat – myself, the whole point of drinking whiskey on the rocks is the little bit of dilution.

  3. free2beme Says:

    Those are awesome – my gf drinks scotch, and that would be a neat gift. She drinks hers neat, as well, but might consider on the rocks with these. 😉 I’m thinking of some type of classy money clip or pocket watch as a gift. It’s our first holiday together, and I want to give something sentimental, perhaps engraved. I found some options here: http://www.aperfectwallet.com/

  4. Have you actually tried them? I have a friend who’s a whiskey/scotch snob who couldn’t wait to get his hands on them. Once he did he hated them. Turns out you can’t ignore physics, the melting ice is what cools your drink, it doesn’t matter how cold the stone is, no melting, not much cooling going on.
    Sorry to drop in and pee on your bonfire, I just wanted to warn you if its not too late to save your money.

    • I bought them for my father in law for Christmas – and I liked them – we had to wait for about 5 minutes before any real cooling to happen, but we both thought they were neat and worked ok:)

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