Winter Sweater Time

As of last night it has officially snowed in Maine. WOO HOO!!! One woo because I think fresh snow is beautiful and the hoo because a small segment of my business depends on bad weather and so, yay for success there.  It also means that winter is REALLY REALLY here! I know the date is telling you that, but first snow around the holiday times makes things feel more festive and fun.

This is one of my FAVORITE heavy wool winter sweaters. I love this style of neckline for when I’m being a little bit more casual either at work or going out, or if I’m not feeling the sweater-vest look.

This particular sweater is about 5 years old and came from the Gap.

What do you like for winter sweater-ware??


2 Responses to “Winter Sweater Time”

  1. Says:

    ZOMG so I read up on your blog every couple of months and YOU’RE FROM MAINE just wanted to say that officially makes you one of the awesomenest people ever in my book. I identify as a gender bending dyke, formerly of maine (forever my home) relocated to the midwest 😦 but anyway kewlio! ❤

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