Let’s talk about sox baby

It is frigid here in Maine. It is frigid, or has been frigid, or will be frigid in most of the US at some point this winter. Every (yes, every, including Hawaii) state EXCEPT Florida has seen snow this winter.  It’s cold. And as I’ve made the investment to protect my feet with new winter boots (I bought the Sorel Chinooks, LOVE them) it’s also prudent to continue the foot protection with adequate socks. Yep, socks.

These are my favoritist socks ever:

They are expensive, running about $16-28 dollars a pair. Yes, a pair. However, Smartwool socks are THE BEST socks I have ever owned. They last forever without pillage or showing a ton of wear. They are warm without being suffocating, and they prevent your feet from sweating which in turn will make your feet cold. Seriously, the difference between wearing boots with Smartwool vs: regular cotton socks is incredibly noticeable.

I know, it seems like such a little thing but…the difference it made was…grave.

Anyway, forget my Morrissey indulgence for a second, what do you wear on your feet, under your shoes during winter?


8 Responses to “Let’s talk about sox baby”

  1. You are right. Smartwools are the greatest socks ever in the history of socks. For winter and for hiking.

  2. Moz lyrics ❤ ❤ ❤

    Seriously, Smartwool kept me from losing it when I lived in MN. They are glorious. I like finding them on the cheap– Nordstrom Rack sometimes, Sierra Trading Post sometimes.

  3. I got a few pair of Smartwool socks as a Christmas present, and they’re amazing! They’re expensive (which is why they were a gift), but they’re the miles away the best socks I’ve ever worn.

  4. I ask for those socks every year for Christmas. Usually nets me one or two pairs from my Mom and siblings which keeps a healthy rotation of new socks in my drawer 🙂

  5. I want to live in Maine!!! Except when I hear about these winters 🙂

  6. Gotcha Girl Says:

    I am sooo recommending these to my g/f. She has Reynaud’s syndrome, and her hands and feet get really cold. Care to do a post on gloves?

  7. Oh yes. I love my Smartwools – both the big burly kind you posted about, as well as the femme dress sock version. Sometimes I layer them.

    Other things that I can’t understand surviving a Maine winter without: mad bomber hats, silk longjohns.

  8. Titus Androgynous Says:

    Except for dress socks, Smartwool sock are the ONLY SOCKS I WEAR IN WINTER (and honestly, I have some ankle ones I wear in summer too). They may seem expensive, but they last and they make my feet so happy.

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