Gadget Geekery

Yes. I am a sheep. Baah. But let me backtrack a bit….

I’ve been a fan of Verizon’s phone network since 1997 when I got my very first cell phone. It was ginormous, but that’s beside the point. I had coverage. EVERYWHERE. I don’t think that I’ve dropped a call in well over 5 years and I’ve been all over the place. I LOVE their service.

I also am a big Apple geek.  My Macbook is so high up on my “I love” list that it’s really only behind my wife, house, dog, and car. So when the iPhone came out a few years ago I pretty much started salivating from the get-go. But to get one meant to sacrifice great cell phone service for crappy-ass dropped call all the time service, which is what many of my friends say about AT&T, especially in my area of the country. I know, I could have gotten a (lets face it, probably better) droid a while ago, but I do love Apple so much, and am so in tune with their programs and and and and….anyway…

I kept dreaming of the day when the iPhone would be available on more networks, and friends, that day is here. Yes, I know, I’m sure there will be bugs. And I can handle that. I’ve held on to my non-internet capable, only texts and calls phone for the past 4 years preparing for this day.  There were rumors, year after year that the phone was coming. But now… WILL be mine!!!

I think this will mean more tweets, posts, and photos from yours truly, as I can post instantly from the store where I see the amazing sweater or fantastic shoes. I will be a super blogger.

You know, after I get over an Angry Birds addiction.


One Response to “Gadget Geekery”

  1. Remember that great blogging challenge we started in November? Now that you’re going to be all connected and shit, we should try it again. Welcome to the dark side, my friend.

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