In which I ask YOU for your support

You know, before I started blogging here I’m not sure I knew the impact that my words, thoughts, or ideas could have on another person.  And then I started receiving emails from butches all over the world with questions, concerns, but mostly just “thanks for being here” messages. They make me feel awesome, not just that my narcissism actually helps others (ha,) but that by being visible, I can help others be visible too.

It is in this spirit that I’m going to ask your help for a personal side project that I’ve got going on. On Monday, May 1, the SL and I will be walking in the March of Dimes March for Babies.

We will be walking with Team Joshua – Joshua is a 7 month old, adorable little boy who was born at 28 weeks. He’s currently doing GREAT but spent the first two months of his life in a NYC NICU dealing with many of the issues that premature babies must overcome.

The March of Dimes helps support NICU’s all over the country, as well as provide support for expectant moms – striving for all babies to have a great start! The significance of the timing of this march is significant to my family, and my family of choice – The SL will be 28 weeks pregnant at the walk – the same age Joshua was when he was born.

We hope our little peanut stays inside until she’s full term but we know that if she makes an early appearance, organizations like the March of Dimes will help us get through the early challenges that a premature birth will most certainly present to us.

I’ve never asked for help like this before, and I know that times are tough for everyone (well, except that elusive 1%)  but if you can, please consider donating a dollar, 10 dollars, or whatever you can to our team right on my MOD website, and help make a difference for babies across the country!

Thanks so much – SB


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